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How I Found Myself at IBM

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By Hisham Darwish (2 min read) 

Being a son of a Diplomat, I lived in multiple countries across different continents and from a young age I’ve experienced the virtues of having a multicultural background. My journey started with my birth in Caracas (Venezuela), then moved to Cairo (Egypt), my country of citizenship, then lived for four years in Dakar (Senegal), followed by another four years in Bern (Switzerland) — all this helped me experience the different perspectives on life matters and nurtured my curiosity of always looking at the other side of the coin and questioning the notion of right or wrong.

Breaking the biases of non-inclusion became a natural reality of my upraising. I was so fortunate to have developed friendships with people from such a diverse background which I believe is the most enriching education I had in life. I enjoy a meal of Thiéboudienne  as much as a Swiss Fondue or a Kushary (and many more of course). The rhythms of Joropo music shake me as much as the Djembe beats and the enchanting sound of Oud.

Coming from such a diverse background and having experienced many workplace cultures, I can definitely attest that this helped me a lot in my career and it is at IBM where I found a culture that is not only diverse, but also truly inclusive.

I found that Diversity and Inclusion are parts of a well-integrated and authentic culture. Very different in their context, Diversity is ensuring a balanced representation of different groups while Inclusion ensures that the different groups, especially the underrepresented minorities, truly believe in the organization, and they feel they belong to it and that they truly matter to its success. I am proud that diversity and inclusion at IBM is a legacy, and leaders openly embrace it and recognize it as helpful to the growth of the business.

I consider myself extremely lucky that my work at IBM helps me to directly contribute to advocate Diversity and Inclusion with great opportunities offered in countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia where IBM has representation of talented IBMers from across the world and where leadership has prioritized “Building Local Talent” as one of its main pillars of Middle East and Africa’s business strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are integral to IBM’s culture and regional talent representation comes as a new perspective of creating wonderful opportunities to partner with local organizations in leading the way in the IT industry.

About the Author
Hisham Darwish is the HR Leader for Middle East & Pakistan

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