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Tom Talks About What He Gained from IBM’s Apprenticeship Program

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Tom Woolford is a 19-year old Londoner working in IBM’s Southbank office. He’s doing his rotational degree apprenticeship with Pearson College London, studying Business Management. As part of the program, he worked for a marketing agency in Paris last year, moving there straight after his A Levels. We interviewed him to learn more about his experience as an IBM Apprentice.

Why did you choose to join the Apprenticeship Program?
The reason I chose this route is because employers and society, as a whole, demand more and more academic qualifications, to the extent that a degree alone is seen as a basic, minimum offering. To counter this, I wanted to work as soon as possible, not only because no amount of education can beat real experience, but also to be able to set myself apart from peers and competitors in such a saturated employment market. The option to do it was whole-heartedly supported by my family, as once really evaluated, the benefits are extremely clear, and it ended up begging the question as to why anyone would go to university.

Why did you join IBM?
IBM stood out to me compared to other companies as they excel at drawing in young talent and therefore is a great apprentice community. This is facilitated by IBM providing anything you may need to progress further in your career.

What is your role as an IBM Apprentice?
I work in the Blockchain practice as a Sales Consultant. As part of this job role, day-to-day, I’m generating business through client engagement, providing internal education and consulting on blockchain related deals, campaign planning across multiple business sectors, client meetings with the sales team, consultants and technical sellers, and refining our go-to-market engagement process with GBS. This is particularly exciting for me as I am contributing to an area of work that in the future will make a huge impact on society.

How have you benefited from joining this program with IBM?
The apprenticeship has facilitated me moving countries, out of home, has independently financed my life for the past year and a half, and given me incredible opportunities for personal growth and education. The biggest benefit is meeting such a diverse group of people, in terms of experience, age, background, knowledge, expertise etc. Being surrounded by people who can help improve and teach you is undeniably the most vital part of an apprenticeship, and something inaccessible to most university students.

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