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Molly: My Life as an IBM Apprentice

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Molly Parnham started her apprenticeship at IBM Hursley when she turned 20. She works as a Change Manager for the Secure shared delivery team under Global Business Services (GBS), and works with one of IBM’s biggest clients to help monitor and improve the systems they use.

What made you decide to join IBM Apprenticeship?
From living close to the Hursley base, I have always been aware of IBM as a company. When I realised during college that I didn’t want to go to university, I looked into different apprenticeships. IBM seemed to have a very good reputation as a company and as an educator. I still applied for various other companies e.g. Deloitte, KPMG, BT etc. but rejected those offers to join IBM. I’m very happy with this choice as I feel that IBM value me as an employee and an apprentice.

How did you feel about not going to university?
Out of my friendship group, I was the only person to not go to university. When I originally told them about going for an apprenticeship, they were supportive but hesitant because I don’t think they really understood what an apprenticeship was. Fast-forward to 2019 and some of my friends are in their final year, some have dropped out. However, majority of them have said they wish they did an apprenticeship as they can now see the benefit I have gained and how happy I am by not following the crowd to university. I knew that I wasn’t suited to going to university and planned to become a beautician because that’s what my mum did. However, my older sister did a sponsored degree with another company and told me what an Apprenticeship was. After researching into different places, I found that IBM were well known for their apprenticeships and the structure of learning seemed suited to how I preferred to learn.

What do you enjoy about your role?
The best thing about my current role is that I work with a highly skilled team for one of IBM’s biggest clients. It nice to feel appreciated by IBM as they really trust their apprentices in important roles, in turn, I feel more motivated to work harder in my job so we can provide the best service possible.

Can you share your personal advice to other people thinking of going the same route?
My advice for someone considering an apprenticeship would definitely be to go for it! Being an apprentice for IBM has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. I have been able to meet new work colleagues, friends, going to events, even given the opportunity to present in front of highly esteemed IBMers. Being an apprentice opens doors that other higher education doesn’t give opportunity for, I know I will always value what I have learnt today in years to come.

Watch Molly’s video interview here:

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