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Life as a 20-year old at IBM

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By Vanya Sabahova (3 min read)

I am currently on my second year at the University of National and World Economy studying Statistics, a branch of mathematics dealing with data collection, organization, and analysis. After graduating from a mathematics high school, I decided that I wanted to study something related to maths, but something more dynamic and challenging.

I have never imagined myself working in a company like IBM at the age of 20, so when I started my internship in August, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Until that moment, everything I could imagine was what I had seen in the movies – but not with me starring in them.

Unsure of what to expect, I was afraid that I am not qualified for the role due to my lack of experience; I just didn’t know what I can contribute. What’s more is that I feared I won’t be able to combine my responsibilities with my studies.

Starting my internship…

The first few days were long but rewarding; there was a huge amount of information that I had to understand and learn. But when I started doing the actual work, I felt confident and secure. As an intern for Finance and Operations, my main responsibilities were dealing with invoices and creating purchase orders, making sure that all the information I have gathered or received is correct – contracts, prices and everything else needed – all of which is administrative work, yet so dynamic. One of the things I learned from this experience is to become more organized so I can combine my work schedule with my studies at the university.

My premonition was good for the people I was about to meet due to the good interview I had initially. And when I met my colleagues, I knew I’d like them from the start. Whenever I asked for help, they were by my side supporting me. Working in a team is very enjoyable and no matter the difficult moment I stood up for my position when needed.

I will never forget how happy I was when I finished my first cases. When I was offered a permanent position in the company, I was genuinely surprised because until that moment I didn’t realize how hard I was working. I was proud and happy that I have proven myself to be trustworthy, that I was so highly appreciated.

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