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IBM Tech Re-entry Program for Sales/Tech Sales Launched In India: Find Out What Makes It Unique

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By: Lavanya Lakshmanan (6 min read)

The workforce of the future is all about skills. These skills can come from several different pools of talent. At IBM, we have been talking about P-TECH, New Collar Jobs, and Apprenticeship programs with a view that corporate leadership has to venture beyond hiring solely from top-ranked universities. As our CEO Ginni Rometty says, it’s necessary to “change your paradigm of hiring,” to accommodate this change.

IBM Tech Re-entry Program was launched a couple of years ago in the US to bring back talented technical professionals who took a break from the workforce and were looking to restart their careers. Because it has been hugely successful in the US, we have tried to replicate this in other markets where now, with the sponsorship of Andreas Hartl, General Manager for IBM Cloud in the Asia Pacific, we are launching this initiative in India for Sales and Tech Sales roles in Cloud. The IBM Tech Re-entry program in India provides an opportunity for talented women with rich Sales and Tech-Sales experience to get back into the workforce.

Mid-career entry program for Sales professionals

This is first of a kind mid-career entry program for Sales professionals. There are various reasons that a person would decide to take a break from their careers. Apart from maternity breaks, the most common reason that I hear these days is accompanying spouses on assignments abroad. Whatever the reason is, this program gives this group of talent an opportunity to start again and pick up from where they left.

Six-month journey to get re-acquainted in the workforce

This is a six-month paid internship program that provides the returnees a full view of a sales cycle and gives them enough time to become familiar with IBM, learn about our offerings, and provides them with an opportunity to work on real projects and make a real impact.

The six-month journey through this program is equipped with a robust and thorough enablement plan to give the returnees an opportunity to quickly assimilate, draw on their previous experiences and quickly learn the new skills, tools, and technologies.

More information about this program can be found by watching this video.

Find out more about IBM’s Tech Re-Entry Program by visiting this site.

If you have a background in Sales/Tech Sales having worked in IT organizations in the past and are rearing to get back to the workforce, this program is just for you.

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