7 IBMers’ Stories That You Don’t Want to Miss From 2018

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2018 is a big year for both IBM and IBMers around the globe – Some found courage while attending an immersive program that carefully designed, some secured an offer after taking an apprenticeship with cybersecurity team, and some rejoined the workforce after a long career break. These stories are fun and really show you how it feels like to work at IBM.

Here are 7 IBMers’ stories that you don’t want to miss in 2018:

My Ideas Mean Nothing Unless I Speak Up

After attending Design at IBM’s Immersive Training Program, Liz Young finally understood what “growth and comfort never coexist” means and realized she could make a difference at this historic, influential, and global company by speaking up.

Read the article to find out Liz’s experience in Design at IBM’s Immersive Training Program.

My Name. My Confidence: How IBM’s Name Change Tool Changed My Experience at Work as a Transwoman

IBM has introduced a limited pilot program for employees in select countries to participate voluntarily in a name change override program. The program is designed to alter the participant’s name in a subset of applications linked to IBM’s directory.

Kristina is one of the participants and she believes this program “brought me so much joy, helped me build my confidence and not be afraid to introduce myself and BE ME – more.”

Let’s hear Kristina’s story about the program.

Learning Cybersecurity as Apprentices

In the last year, IBM’s Apprenticeship Program has welcomed more than 170 apprentices coast-to-coast, creating new pathways to employment for candidates without an advanced degree. These New-Collar career paths are in fields such as software engineering, design, data science, and cybersecurity—critical fields where many companies, IBM included, need to hire great talent.

We spoke with William Hood, Isaac Ritter, and Brandon Wolfe about their experiences learning Cybersecurity as apprentices, in our IBM offices in Rocket Center, WV.

Learn more about the Apprenticeship program with “Learning Cybersecurity as Apprentices”.

IBM Latin America Executive Shares How She Developed Skills That Led Her To Success

Ana Paula has a 20-year international experience in the IT industry, and has devoted her career to strategic business development, operational excellence, change management of large and multicultural organizations and innovative leadership. In 2017, Ana was appointed General Manager for IBM Latin America responsible for all the operations of the company in the major countries across South America and Mexico.

Ana shares her view on being an IBMer, her interests outside of IBM, and some great advice for aspiring executives. Find out more about Ana’s leadership story here.

Things We’ve Learned as Female Technical Graduates in the IBM Brighter Blue Program

The Brighter Blue program is a learning framework for early professional hires that aims to produce engagement ready resources across IBM client innovation centers.

Six tech savvy women – all graduates of top Computer Sciences universities in Pakistan and hired as part of the IBM Brighter Blue Program in June 2018, shared their experience at IBM from their expectation in an ideal company, to IBM’s new technology in this blog.

My Journey from Taking a Career Break for Motherhood to Rejoining the Workforce

Originally an astronomer by training, Avanti studied supermassive black holes. But giving birth to her children she decided to take a career break. Once the youngest child was old enough for preschool, she wanted to go back to the workforce. So she joined the IBM Tech Re-Entry program and now she is a data scientist working at Watson Health and investigating ways to improve patient care at hospitals.

How did she feel when she joined the program? Read the article to know more about the Tech Re-Entry Program!

How the Military Set Me Up For College, Seeing the World, And Working at IBM

Joining the military comes with its fair share of challenges, to be sure. But on the flipside of those challenges exists opportunity — just ask Eronica Dew.

Today a Virginia-based Proposal Manager at IBM, Dew says joining the military was a “game changer” that set her up for success in more ways than one. Read her story here.

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