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5 Great Career Blogs You May Have Missed in 2018

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In 2018, IBMers from various fields and specializations wrote blogs and gave career advice for those interested in further developing their professional skills or looking to build a career with IBM.

Here are our 5 career blog picks from 2018:

On The True Purpose of Networking

“Networking is about giving, being a mentor, sharing your experiences, and being an objective ear to someone that is trying to do what you have already done well. In-person communication continues to be the most rewarding way to grow your network, personalize the experience, and exchange ideas and values. This is the true purpose of networking: connecting with people to exchange human experiences.”

Learn how to create more structure in the way you network with “5Ps of Personal Networking”.

On Applying for a Job in Cyber Security

“Before the interview, prepare by researching the company, both historically and currently. Speak the same language that pertains to the role in which you are interviewing. This means understanding the acronyms and key terms used.”

IBM is working to build a pipeline of cyber professionals through the GBS Managed Security Services Apprenticeship program. And if you are interested in applying for apprenticeship, check out this blog: IBM’s Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program: Growth and Continuous Learning Ahead!

On Becoming a Successful Product Manager

Leadership is important if you want to be a product manager – “The Engineering team will likely be under a different reporting structure. Programmers will want to add lots of bells and whistles to your product. You need to evaluate new ideas but keep the focus on producing something that solves client business problems and on the schedule you developed. Remember, your company is counting on your product to deliver revenue this year.”

Product Management is one of the hottest career tracks today. Have you ever wondered why this role is so important in the company and what qualifications you need to become one? Learn more about How to Become a Successful Product Manager.

On Starting a Career in Quantum Computing

“There are many different ways to help out, including implementing quantum algorithms, maintaining vertical applications (chemistry, optimization, machine learning, finance), making performance improvements, and improving core infrastructure. Some very quick but valuable contributions include improving documentation and writing blog posts about getting started with Qiskit. These will help the community and build your reputation. We have plans in the works to better reward our community members for their contributions, so stay tuned!

The best way to start is to go to, pick a repository, and pick a “Good first contribution” label in the issues. Jump right in and start asking questions… we are happy to help.”

If you ever wondered how you could get into quantum computing, “The Hitchhiking Cat’s Guide to Getting a Job in Quantum Computing” is the perfect blog for you.

On Setting Your Career Goals

“Set a goal: Identify someone who is doing a job you’d like to be in 3-5 years down the road. Meet with them.  Ask them open-ended questions.”

Are you prematurely plateaued in your career? Are you stuck at your current level, but don’t know why? Here are 10 steps to help you to get back on track.

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