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How to Avoid Job Scams

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In this blog, Reena Roy, Talent Acquisition Leader – Global Markets, AgileTA & Strategic Souring, IBM India/SA shares some key tips to keep in mind when looking around for a career opportunity that excites you.

By Reena Roy


Have you ever wondered if a job opportunity is genuine or a scam? Many times, it can be hard to tell the difference. With job frauds rampant, it is imperative for applicants to be alert while applying for their dream jobs.

Here are some basic pointers to remember when offers seem too good to be true and your instinct warns you otherwise:

  1. Research your recruiter. If the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile has few connections or does not have complete information, be on your guard. You could copy the recruiter’s photo and text from their LinkedIn profile, then paste into Google and perform a search. Scammers often steal information from legitimate listings to create their fake profile.
  2. Never pay for a job. If you are applying for a job in a reputed organization, you must always remember that they do not ask for money. Some of you may receive offer letters stating that you have been selected for a particular job, for which you will have to pay a certain amount of money. These are FAKE job offers and one should never accept them.
  3. And if your gut says it’s doubtful, trust your intuition!

Ask questions and pay close attention to answers. There is no need to hurry or be pressured into making a decision or commitment or giving out personal information.

Do more research.

You can also report a scam job posting directly to the site where it is listed.


About the author:

Reena Roy is from the IBM India Talent Acquisition Team.


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