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IBM’s Watson Health: Redefining Patient Care

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In this #IBMLeaderSpeak series, we introduce to you IBM Leader Rama Chandra Dash, who leads Watson Health – India Software Labs. In this blog he covers how IBM is transforming healthcare with Big Data and Cognitive, redefining value-based patient care. For the talent-of-today who want to make an impact in their career and be involved in doing meaningful work, Rama speaks up on why now is a good time to join India Software Labs and #WhyIBM.

with Rama Chandra Dash


Rama is the Business Unit Head, IBM Watson Health, India Software Lab and leads the Watson Health Business Unit for IBM in India/South Asia. In this role, Ram leads the engineering and professional services delivery of industry leading IBM products and solutions in the cognitive healthcare, public and population health management space.

Additionally, Ram is also responsible for ensuring client success, implementation and successful delivery for Watson Health customers for APAC and GCG.  Ram has over 20 years of industry experience working for large enterprises, start-ups and mid-size technology companies in various geographies at US, EU and India.

During this period, Ram has led software engineering organizations delivering world class products, helped set up profitable professional services delivery organizations across compliance management, public sector and healthcare domains.

How is IBM transforming healthcare with big data & cognitive technologies?

Aiming to bring the power of cognitive computing to the realm of Health care, in April 2015, IBM launched Watson Health and the Watson Health Cloud platform. Transformation in healthcare came with the Watson Health’ product portfolio greatly improving the ability of doctors, researchers, payers, providers and of any other stakeholder in the care continuum process to provide better care, by leveraging cognitive insights Watson generated from the massive amounts of personal data and health data available today. Watson Health Cloud allowed this information to be re-identified, hosted and shared.

How is Watson Health breaking down silos in providing value-based care for patients?

Watson Health is enabling care organizations to provide better informed, evidence based patient care, health plans, wellness programs, and value dossiers by looking at a comprehensive view of the factors that influence a person’s health – including socioeconomic status, environment, social support and access to health care. These factors reside in many forms and shapes in various data sources. With the advancement in Cognitive and Big Data technologies, today it’s possible to get insights from these various sources.

What does your role as the Leader for IBM Watson Health, India Software Labs encompass?

I play the role of an evangelist for Watson Health technologies – speak about them in various forums, engage with start-ups etc. I lead teams that develop software for India Software Labs and teams that help our clients in adopting these software.

What makes an ideal candidate for a role with India Software Labs?

Anyone who has a passion for technology, can deal with uncertainties which are inherent to an evolving tech/business stack, and a strong work ethic are welcome to join the team and do work that matters! You will work with bright minds from the industry and collaborate on projects that are life-changing.

What is your message to candidates aspiring to join IBM? and #WhyIBM?

I strongly believe, IBM is at the forefront of the digital disruption and ongoing technology transformation that is leading the way many businesses are being run today, including Healthcare. The IBM of today is not the one from the previous generation. It has constantly evolved to stay a ‘Tech leader’, even as we grew to be 106+ years old.

Earlier IBM has been a part of the 1st ever mankind mission to moon. Now we are helping solve cancer. The IBM of today is focused on solving real issues which affect mankind by using cutting edge technology –  be it Cognitive, Cloud, Analytics or Blockchain. I think – some of these are reason enough for one to join IBM.

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