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IBMer Spotlight: Meet Laura Vang

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We grab a coffee with IBMers from around the world, and share our chat in this weekly spotlight series. This week you can meet Laura, from IBM US.

In the morning, I like my coffee…
My poison of choice is a soy latte.

When I get up to go to work, I look forward to…
the fact that every day is different.

I am responsible for…
Sales for the Watson Health Global Ecosystem – and also #inclusiveIBM initiatives through Women of Watson Health.

My typical day…
usually includes meeting new clients and brainstorming new ideas to transform health!

The coolest part of my job is…
the incredible team I get to surround myself with and learn from each day.

The biggest challenge I have …
has to be scheduling meetings in different timezones! It tests my mental math skills every time.

Most memorable moment in my career…
This is so hard! Presenting to our CEO as part of the Millennial Corps, being a founding member of Women of Watson Health, and planning a Watson Health hackathon have to be the top three.

Top piece of career advice…
Growth and comfort rarely coexist.

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