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IBMer Spotlight: Meet Laurentiu Ion

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We grab a coffee with IBMers from around the world, and share our chat in this weekly spotlight series. This week you can meet Laurentiu, from IBM Romania.

In the morning, I like my coffee…

When I get up to go to work, I look forward to…

doing things differently, while keeping the same goal as the day before. This is what keeps me going: the everyday, new challenges.

I am mostly responsible for…

driving innovation — which means empowering others to innovate and act based on real time results. Then, I just wait for these people to empower others on their end, to innovate and to make the best business decisions.
My typical day…
I do not have typical days, I do not allow myself to have them. When working in Digital Marketing, a typical day would mean doing exactly what I have done the day before— when in fact, I should be looking ahead, doing things that need to be done in the future.
The coolest part of my job is…
is related to people. The people I work with everyday, the people I meet, and the people I am not supposed to meet, but I do so nonetheless.
The biggest challenge I have…
is actually finding new challenges. A challenge is not necessarily a roadblock, but it can be a way to success. Coming across challenges is easy, but seeking them out takes courage and implies embracing the hard work that comes along with them.
Most memorable moment in my career…
was when a former student told me that I inspired her to quit her job in the public sector, and move to Tokyo where she is now working as a Digital Marketing professional. This is how I learned that courage is inspired by the courage of others.
My top piece of career advice…
Today you should have the courage you did not have yesterday.

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