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Augmented Intelligence: Where to Start?

Jumping into the AI World blindly and attempting to solve real-world problems could cause more problems than is trying to solve. Throwing AI Tools at data indiscriminately could cause much confusion, and unless we’re very lucky, the difficulties encountered and/or results might cause us to abandon AI entirely. In this blog, I suggest some approaches, […]

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Natural Fit: Augmented intelligence and intellectual property

This entry is the first in a series of blogs entries covering the topic of AI (augmented Intelligence) and IP (Intellectual Property). Intellectual Property includes Patents, Trade secrets, Know-How, Domain Names, Copyrights, Trademarks, Service Marks and Defensive Publications. For this discussion, we will focus on patents. Analyzing a patent portfolio can become overwhelming and laborious […]

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Moving Research Success from Papers to Products and Patents

In May 2017 members of the IBM IP Management Solutions (IPMS) and Research Management teams embarked on a Russian adventure. Traveling to Moscow, we worked with the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) to provide a one week workshop sharing know how on IPMS and Research with selected leaders of scientific institutions and universities from […]

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Inventing beyond your known horizons

How does your company decide where to invest in R&D and M&A to ensure survival and growth? Most companies focus on current and near-term products and technologies. But with rapidly changing technologies, how can you be positive your pipeline is real, and it supports the direction for future growth? How will you accommodate the immersion […]

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10 tips for a brainstorming renaissance

By Riyon Harding, IBM Executive IP Strategist Have your invention brainstorming sessions been more like light breezes? Here are some tips to get them roaring again. If your team has consisted of the same people try adding someone from a completely different organization e.g. finance, HR, facilities, manufacturing, corporate, etc. Also try inviting people in […]

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Is pulling your organization’s IP like pulling teeth?

  By Riyon Harding, IBM Executive IP Strategist Manny W. Schecter Chief Patent Counsel for IBM Corporation Mark Bell, IBM senior IP Strategist Many organizations suffer from lack of time and resources to get anything other than the supercritical accomplished – and often through super hero efforts at that. With the constant pressures to do […]

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