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By | 3 minute read | March 20, 2017

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On stage at InterConnect 2017, Chris Moody, VP and GM, Data & Enterprise Solutions, Twitter, kicks off the session.

As Twitter turns 11, Chris reflects on the transformative power of cloud technologies. ‘It has never been more possible than it is today, to change kids and technology’, he begins. ‘Anyone can change the world.’

‘Like raising a child, technology moves fast. When Twitter started out, it was a side project to keep friends connected, and it’s still evolving today. POTUS is using the platform daily, and there are other evolutions too. It’s evolving into a powerful business platform’.

Deep customer engagement through data

Chris explains that with Twitter, deeper engagement with customers is possible. Because of rare access to live, public data, we get deep psychological insights into our customers. We know what they think about our products and about our competitors – and because the data is publicly shared, we have it at our fingertips.

Twitter is not just a data company, but a consumer facing application. Take Wendy’s March Madness campaign for example – the fast food restaurant’s bracket campaign run entirely on Twitter. NCAA basketball fans will be able to create their own brackets via Wendy’s Twitter Direct Message.

Twitter and IBM Watson: giving the audience a great experience

On Twitter, the audience is already there. And they’re not passive. 25% of users actively engage with brands. Twitter’s job, says Chris Moody, is to deliver this audience a great experience. And that means that their number one priority is to stop abuse.

To achieve this, Twitter is partnering with IBM, using its natural language processing capabilities to recognise and stop abuse early.

Cloud technologies, partners and rule breakers

Arvind Krishna, Senior Vice President, IBM Hybrid Cloud & Director, IBM Research, now takes the stage, to speak more about the cloud.

He begins by introducing blockchain, AI and quantum computing; explaining that IBM is applying these technologies across various industries on the public cloud.

‘The people that inspire us are the rule breakers and the problem solvers’, he says. ‘You’ll meet them today. You’ll hear directly from 600 of your own peers – our clients. Like Honda, who are using Watson on the IBM cloud to analyse thousands of documents in minutes.

‘The cloud supports your current infrastructure and the future. We are building the most advanced cloud so you can bring data together and make better decisions. You can make business and life-changing decisions from those insights. After all, what is the point in collecting data if you can’t make decisions from it?’

Arvind invites Daniel Henry, of American Airlines, up onto the stage, and tells the audience that IBM has been working with American Airlines to provide real time information when and where it is needed. Together, they have created the best airport mobile and online experience on their journey.

When asked why American Airlines chose to work with IBM, Daniel responded:

‘American Airlines is committed to the public cloud and we believe IBM is the best partner for us. We want to increase delivery velocity. We are moving away from talking about it to actually doing it – and we have been working with IBM to move, the mobile app and kiosk application to the cloud.’

More on the cloud

Arvind continued to elaborate on cloud technologies and the IBM Digital Assistant offering, which is used by 25 of the world’s largest banks. Using machine learning, IBM Digital Assistant gives the power to make business critical decisions. And with cloud, it’s also much easier for developers to collaborate on micro services and build apps together.

For example, Watson’s image recognition facilities might provide colour-matching know-how to an interior decoration application that matches furniture with the room it will be placed in. An app like this could be up and running in just minutes, thanks to IBM Watson.

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