Why it’s GAME ON for Watson Dev Con

By | 3 minute read | November 9, 2016

leadspace image for IoT at World of Watson 2016

If World of Watson (WoW) left you feeling inspired, Watson Dev Con will fill your heart with sheer nerd joy. There is no denying that the Internet of Things (IoT) entry point is exciting, but where we’re going next is even better. Instead of merely having a conversation with Pepper, a robot who can instantly recognize variances in human mood, imagine programming Pepper to prepare you for the day and keep an intelligent eye on home base while you’re gone.

Tweet from @annebot about IBM's Pepper robot

Tweet from @annebot about IBM’s Pepper robot

I love the idea of the connected home, but I want to take it a step further. We know we have smart light bulbs and cameras we can control with IoT, it’s very cool. My future vision for the home is a Watson recipe that uses our next generation of gadgets to take it to another level.

“Pepper, please arrange for Olli to pick me up 9 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. today. Check my soltrackr and see that I’m getting enough vitamin D. Oh, and keep an eye on the roast you are cooking with the Nomiku. In fact, send me an SMS when it’s done and start on the carrots. Also, let me know how well the family sleeps tonight with the HugOne. Thnx!”

From 3D printed Olli to the Nomiku sous vide device, we can conceivably enjoy AI in our homes very soon.

Tweet from @annebot about Olli, driverless, 3D printed vehicle

Tweet from @annebot about Olli, driverless, 3D printed vehicle

This delightful, albeit hypothetical, scenario relies on Watson, the key to the next layer of IoT intelligence that will make our lives easier—and maybe even more enjoyable. Watson is a futuristic recipe for AI success. While friends and futurists will continue to discuss the inherent challenges of AI in the IoT space, it’s hard to deny that cognitive computing has brought us closer together.

@annebot and the IBM World of Watson influencers

@annebot and the IBM World of Watson influencers

Watson DevCon will build on the “jamboree” of important conversations around notions of privacy, humans displacement vs. augmentation, cyber security, public policy, and more. When we wrestle with these big questions, we are are laying the groundwork for the evolution of IoT. So, what comes next?

The more you know… about information flow

At the WoW conference in Vegas, we learned how natural language plays a pivotal role in solving the data-overload problem in developing cognitive bots. Watson-Powered Lucy™, a “cloud-based cognitive companion,” is a strategist in her own right. She can study vast amounts of marketing data and deliver sophisticated answers to tough questions in seconds. The implications for intelligent user engagement are enormous—and I cannot wait to ask Chris Messina of Uber and Amir Shevat of Slack how they envision chat bots with a whole new arsenal of information at their bot tips. Everyone should be crazy about the potential for bots… I am!

@annebot tweet about Lucy and natural language classifiers

@annebot tweet about Lucy and natural language classifiers

And then everyone swooned

When Ginni Rometty shared during her keynote that Watson IoT represented “an ecosystem and those who share our belief to change the world,” all of the WoW attendees in the room felt the earth move (#swoon). Watching her was so inspiring and it got me so excited about everything we can do with Watson. Alone, just thinking about all the lives we can save, it’s truly exciting what AI has in store for us. This week Watson DevCon, one of the most exciting cognitive tech events of the season will take that momentum and connect industry leaders with developers during hands-on labs, flash talks, and coding challenges spanning use cases that were once unimaginable.

Recipes for Watson that I am very eager to start thinking about: medical applications for people with disabilities, monitoring everyone’s health and then ultimately keeping our homes safer.

Watson Dev Con

I’m attending the Watson Developer Conference as an IBM Futurist from November 9-10 in San Francisco. I will be sharing ideas and developments on my new recipes for developers from IBM’s cognitive IoT cookbook, and, hopefully, learning to further power my wearable jewelry obsession (hint: Ringly…). You will be hearing from yours truly in the form of blogs, tweets, video and possibly more throughout DevCon for IBM Watson IoT social fun.

You can follow IBM Watson DevCon chatter on Twitter via #WatsonDevCon and follow me @annebot. Check out my book, The SEO Battlefield coming out early next year!