IBM and Vodafone: collaborating to address real-world issues

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Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, have announced they are collaborating with IBM to launch a series of new industry solutions. The solutions use IoT technologies to help clients make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Here is a quick sample of some of them:

Mobile Asset Optimization: designed to help managed supply chains

Global trade represents a whopping $18 trillion dollar market, and global supply chains rely on a system that locks billions of dollars in a complex transaction partners into a complex network. The supply chain of the future has the instrumentation, interconnectedness and intelligence to predict, if not prevent, disruptions before they occur. It relies on new approaches that use sensor technologies, new analytic capabilities and simulation techniques to not just sense and respond, but anticipate and act.

The new Mobile Asset Optimization solution uses IBM Watson IoT Platform to enable clients to better manage supply chains. Vodafone provides sensors and hardware to capture location data from assets in a supply chain, such as specialized containers, racks or trailers. The Mobile Asset Optimization solution transfers sensor data in real time to the IBM Watson IoT Platform for tracking, analysis, notifications, and reporting –all of which is customized for operational needs. The solution can even predict the impact of weather on goods as they travel along a supply chain as well as predict asset availability and provide advice for avoiding areas where assets are prone to damage or theft.

Smarter city infrastructures to provide improved citizen services

Implementing a smart city infrastructure offers tremendous advantage and benefits across the board – providing solutions to traffic congestion issues, efficiently managing utilities such as water and electricity.  Key to building a smart city is the ability to absorb and analyse vast amounts of data streaming from sensors, drawing insight from that data in order to enable city departments, and citizens alike, to make the most of that information in their daily affairs. Using mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, allows cities to take advantage of available data and put it to use to better service the citizens of a given area.

Smarter Cities Capabilities. As part of the collaboration, Vodafone and IBM are bringing two new ‘Smarter Cities’ capabilities together using Vodafone’s connectivity, devices and sensors, with the Watson IoT Platform to help city officials increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Two of the new Smarter City innovations include: smart street lighting, to track energy usage and enable on-demand street lighting; and waste management, enabling smarter waste bin collection and temperate sensing to detect possible fires in waste bins.

In 2016, Vodafone published its fourth annual Internet of Things (IoT) Barometer Report. The study provides insights into how organizations are prioritizing their investments in IoT. Vodafone commissioned the study completed by Circle Research, based on 1,096 interviews across 17 countries.

To help clients make the most of the IoT momentum and insights like those found in the study, Vodafone’s been working double-time to bring practical solutions to market. These new Vodofone and IBM IoT solutions are based on a winning combination of cloud, mobile and IoT technology, ensuring these innovations can be used to achieve big results across organizations of any size due to their scalability and efficiency.

You can read more about recent IBM IoT partnerships announced at their Genius of Things summit in Munich, or find out how you can join us as an IoT partner.

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