USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit: In their own words

By and Rhonda Edwards | 2 minute read | July 26, 2016

This blog walks you through some of the amazing photography of John Huet with a few words from the USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit team members.  Please make sure to check out our blog series about the teaming of USA Cycling and IBM.


“Our sport is so unique in that it is not just a relay or something. It is actually – three people have to cross the line together. And so we each bring a different part to the team.  In fact we all live together, we all train together, and we are able to make sure that everybody is bringing their best every day.” – USA Cycling Team Member

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“So going to the start line with the confidence that we did every little thing, we analyzed all the data. We had all the technology we could possibly have. We have done all the hard work. We focused on every little thing. When you go the start line that is just all behind you, you know that, you have it in your head and it just motivates you and you are able to push yourself so much harder because of that.” – USA Cyclist Team Member

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“Everything we do counts.” – USA Cycling Team Member

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“So I think it just comes down to being confident in ourselves and knowing that no matter what, we are going to give one hundred percent, because we have the information we need. And we have the information to help us get better. So it is all easy. And it is really great.” – USA Cycling Team Member

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“I would say we have a competitive edge with Watson. I would say we have more data and more technology than any other team in the world.” – USA Cycling Team Member


“In the past, decisions were based on intuition, which of course can be very useful from a coaching standpoint. But it is not a fine enough tool when it comes to the thousandth of a second differences, which we have to depend on, to win or lose.” – USA Cycling Team Member

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“So the next exchange, I do it better, do it faster and I am in the line and my power is where it needs to be. I am not burning and wasting energy so I can be my best that I can for the team,” – USA Cycling Team Member

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“It is definitely a game changer to get all that information back right away this quickly in such a detailed form.  It just cuts time by so much. And you can just learn so much quicker.” – USA Cycling Team Member


“It is not just you out there. You not only have to make one person strong. You have to make four people strong and all working together the best way possible. And that is what makes it hard and complicated.” – USA Cycling Team Member


“Legs are absolutely on fire. All of us are hurting. Trying to push those thoughts out of our minds just to focus on pedaling that bike as fast as possible.” – Team USA Team Member


“Everything comes down to the last one-hundredth of a second. It is crazy how tight everything can be.” -USA Cyclist Team Member

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“I just feel so fortunate that we were able to partner with IBM in order to get this working.”

– USA Cyclist Team Member