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The TRIRIGA round-up: leveraging analytics and TRIRIGA

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IoT data from sensors, devices and equipment in your buildings can help you unlock new insights for better decision making. Now you can improve facility operations while lowering costs. Explore a range of real estate strategies to match your facilities portfolios and make faster, more informed decisions.

Watson Analytics is an intuitive, cloud-based analytics tool that will help TRIRIGA users explore their data for insights and display findings as dashboards and infographics for easy sharing. All without having to become a data scientist along the way.

Watson Analytics guides data discovery and predictive analytics by using automatic visualizations and enables dashboard creation so that you can get insights and make informed decisions. Pairing Watson Analytics with data from IBM® TRIRIGA® enables you to explore your integrated workplace management processes and obtain new insights on your day to day operations. The IBM® Watson Analytics™ service will allow you to discover patterns and meanings in your data.

The TRIRIGA® Connector for Watson Analytics™ gives you the ability to export TRIRIGA data of your choice into Watson Analytics. By using Watson Analytics, you can add and tune data, discover insights to help solve your business problems and display your findings.

Webinar: Gain insight into your TRIRIGA data using IBM Watson Analytics

The power of Watson Analytics is like adding a business analyst to your asset and facility management program. It brings a set of analytical solutions that extend beyond traditional reporting, providing business intelligence and insights. With a push of the button in the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics, see trends, predict outcomes, and gain deeper insight from your data.

With the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics, the critical data that’s been running your organization’s asset and facilities management processes for years can be turned into intelligence. Learn how to make the most of the data you’ve been collecting for years to deliver new insights using innovative capabilities provided by Watson Analytics.

Using the Watson Analytics ‘Data’, ‘Discover’, and ‘Display’ features, TRIRIGA customers can refine and explore their data sets, understand influencers and publish the results into a visual presentation that can be shared easily. By using the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics, the critical data that’s been running your organization’s asset and facilities management processes for years can be explored, delivering new insights, using innovative capabilities provided by Watson Analytics.

Attendees of this session will learn how Watson Analytics for TRIRIGA:

  • Integrates data directly from TRIRIGA
  • Provides actionable insights from existing TRIRIGA data
  • Simplified Use – No complex models or data scientists required!
  • Data Exploration using natural language
  • Integrate analysis from sources such as Occupancy and Social Media dat
  • Enables users to experiment using IBM’s Free Trial

Watch the new on-demand webinar to discover how to turn data into intelligence using powerful analytics.

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