IoT sensors and sport – CCTV Tibet Challenge

By | 1 minute read | November 16, 2016

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Cycling fans were able to follow October’s Tibet Challenge more closely than ever before, thanks to a live feed from cyclists participating in the event to a dedicated web platform where fans can follow their progress.

Forty cyclists took part in the extreme endurance event, racing the 2,000km distance from Sichuan to Tibet over extraordinarily difficult, mountainous terrain throughout the week. Coverage of the Challenge continue until Wednesday 19th October.

IoT Platform and Bluemix provide real-time engagement

The Bluemix and IoT team worked with sports channel CCTV to provide real-time feeds from devices worn by the cyclists themselves. Using IBM’s IoT Platform and Cloudant on China Bluemix in 21Vianet, the feed shared live data on the cyclists’ progress, including sensors and GPS tracking to share their location, altitude, speed, incline, heart rate and even temperature.

The web feed allowed users to view data on individual cyclists simply by clicking on their picture. You could follow an individual cyclist’s progress on a map, compare their position with others in the race, and view their vital statistics to see how they are doing.

Up close and personal with Tibet challenge

An event like this is traditionally difficult to follow in any real depth. The terrain is unsuitable for onlookers and the distances involved make continued observing impossible. IBM and CCTV have brought the vital struggle of these participants to life in a way that hasn’t been achieved before – involving spectators intimately in the process.

IBM is no stranger to using the internet of things, analytics and mobile communication to track and impact cyclists’ performance. Working with the USA Cycling team in Rio this year, cloud-based IBM MobileFirst solutions simplified the process of managing mobile apps to make sure the team had relevant information at the right time.

Be part of the action

Find out more about the Tibet Challenge.