The IBM QuickBYTES Interview: Datamato

By | 2 minute read | November 17, 2017

Ahead of this week’s Watson IoT Continuous Engineering Summit 2017 (November 15-17 in New Orleans), we’re asking attendees for some thoughts about the event and the latest technology trends.


What are you most looking forward to at the CE Summit this year?

Networking. Grabbing an opportunity to mix and mingle with technology experts, IBM partners and other executives. Sharing views and discussing the latest technology trends, forming new relationships and getting technical know-how on the varied IBM products’ case studies that have been implemented. I also want to learn how IBM technologies can help people address new engineering complexities associated with connected products, IoT ecosystems and service-centric business models. And we’ll be exhibiting how our clients have benefited due to our state-of-the-art offerings of IBM continuous engineering in conjunction with UrbanCode deploy implementations for variant management and achieving proactive compliance with industry standards.

What advice would you give to future engineers?

Don’t stop thinking. Be innovative and curious, as an inquisitive spirit makes for a rewarding career. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and don’t be afraid to fail. Never stop learning, continuously upgrade your skills and love what you are doing. Stay aligned with recent market trends, technologies and innovations.

How does CE help drive a connected, software-driven world?

CE begins at point where customer needs are expressed, i.e., at the requirements stage or sometimes even before they are translated to formal requirements. CE drives the user for being ‘continuous’ in an engineering context and translating requirements to working product features as frequently as possible without compromising on quality. It enables model-based engineering, and engineering analytics, and it is key to continuous quality in the digital world by implying continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring harmony in agility, engineering, and quality to create a beautiful melody.

What do you see as the biggest risks or challenges for CE or IoT?

The challenge I foresee is, will CE or IOT be able to catch up with the pace of technology innovation, growth in number and types of IOT devices? Bringing out a compatibility list and ensuring participation from a maximum components should be on high focus.

How is the world of continuous engineering changing and evolving with today’s technology?

Visibly, everything is now getting faster, right from demanding a solution, designing it, coding it, testing it, deploying it, controlling it, improving it and the cycle continues. It’s time now to think in parallel how to ensure that we don’t crash in this pursuit of faster and fastest!

What is the goal of your session at the CE Summit?

The goal is to get an overall idea of things that will change, in terms of the way the community accepts and embraces CE, and our preparation to gear up to it. 

What app can you not live without?

LinkedIn! It’s a great app to stay connected with my professional network, friends, tech influencers and employees. Scrolling LinkedIn feeds is my favorite pastime activity whenever I get free time in between my work schedule.

What is your favorite thing about New Orleans?

It’s a very lively city, a melting pot of culture, music and food. I have heard a lot about the live music there and am looking forward spending my weekend enjoying some great music.

The last time I checked my phone was:

While having this conversation with you :p.

For more information about the 2017 Watson IoT Continuous Engineering Summit, visit the event page.