By Karen Lewis on February 27, 2017

Capitalizing on disruption on the road to transformation

The communications industry is in the throes of a digital shake up, as over the top (OTT) digital giants and new start-ups upset the status quo. Offering new communication options and, in some cases, alternative access technologies, these digital invaders are shifting the competitive landscape, capturing revenues and hitting margins. What are the threats and […]

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By Karen Lewis on February 20, 2017

Rethinking enterprises, ecosystems and economies with blockchains

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) conducted a global survey of over 1,000 executives to understand how blockchain can rethink enterprises, ecosystems and economies. Blockchains transforming ecosystems For centuries, global trade has been the single greatest creator of wealth in human history and market friction the greatest obstacle to wealth. Blockchain technology – which […]

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By Jen Clark on February 8, 2017

Insights from IBM’s Global C-suite Study: White paper review

The phenomenon of disruptive innovation has grown from a rarity to a regular occurrence, as new entrants to the bottom of a market swiftly rise up to oust established providers. In the face of this new competition, a White Paper examines how C-suite executives (CxOs) are using cognitive computing to tackle the threat to their […]

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By Jen Clark on October 28, 2016

Whitepaper commentary: Embracing the IoT in the new era of cognitive buildings

A new Whitepaper has found that IoT-enabled buildings can contribute to new levels of productivity, increased environmental efficiency and improved well-being for those who live or work in them. The integration of IoT devices, cognitive platforms and Artificial Intelligence means the way is paved for innovative new services for engaging with building users, cutting costs […]

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By Jen Clark on September 13, 2016

IoT and the telecommunications industry

Nicola Villa and Richard Savage have co-authored a white paper that addresses how the Internet of Things can add value in the telecommunications industry. The white paper explores how Telecom operators have engaged with the IoT over the last 10 years, and focuses in particular on the application of IoT within smart cities. The authors […]

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By Lynne Slowey on April 17, 2016

The Internet of Things in the Cognitive Era: Realizing the future and full potential of connected devices

IoT devices will become the largest single source of data, with over 90% going unused. IBM has pioneered work in the Internet of Things for over a decade, focusing on cognitive computing solutions so that all IoT data can drive delivery, efficiency, and performance for our clients. This whitepaper from Harriet Green, General Manager, IBM […]

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