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By Phillip Tracy on April 19, 2017

Industrial Internet of Things use cases: The IIoT at sea

The Industrial Internet of Things has found its way to sea, with connected sensors and unified platforms designed to provide increased visibility for crews. Ships have been equipped for some time with sensors that collect data. Now, that data can be optimized and sent in real time to captains, their colleagues, other ships in the […]

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By Phillip Tracy on April 18, 2017

Smart trains and the connected railway

To learn more about how IBM Watson IoT can help you improve operational efficiency, view this webinar on the value of predictive maintenance and enterprise asset management  or contact a representative today. The Industrial Internet of Things has had a major impact on the transportation industry with the advent of innovations like autonomous vehicles and improved […]

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By Jen Clark on March 27, 2017

IoT does the Easter egg hunt

In the run-up to Easter, the IoT tackles the humble Easter egg hunt and adds a technological twist to tradition. Below are some ideas that even the most hard-boiled will enjoy, from augmented reality apps to GPS tracking – and bonus points if you can spot all the terrible egg-related puns. There are six to […]

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By Arup Dasgupta on February 7, 2017

The Continuum: Big Data, Cloud & Internet of Things

If geospatial systems are to remain relevant in a fast-changing world, then data sources that go beyond imagery and maps must become part of the analyst’s armory. Big Data, its analytics in the Cloud, and finally, the Internet of Things are what the future holds. Q: How many Big Data scientists does it take to screw […]

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By Phillip Tracy on February 2, 2017

Plastic bean-shaped sensors monitor crops for precision agriculture 

The internet of beans We thought you’d enjoy this thought leadership article about how IoT is transforming industries. To learn more about how IBM Watson IoT can help you obtain greater efficiency through smarter asset management, please read our white paper, Understanding the Value of Enterprise Asset Management. Thumb-sized “plastic beans” are being filled with […]

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By Jen Clark on December 1, 2016

IoT ruins movies: Home Alone

Setting the scene What would it be like if Home Alone had been made today instead of in 1990? Aside from the obvious perk of being able to call Kevin on his smart phone to check he was safe, wouldn’t it be fun if Kevin had live-streamed his pranks to millions of YouTube followers? Or […]

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