By Karen Lewis on August 3, 2017

Why the best-run companies use Maximo and ERP

Asset-intensive organizations use a multitude of physical equipment, machines, linear assets, vehicles, tools, and more. For organizations using SAP for ERP, there are different SAP applications for enterprise asset management, such as SAP PM. However, using an ERP application to manage assets may leave your organization lacking in the areas critical to enterprise asset management: […]

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By Karen Lewis on February 20, 2017

Rethinking enterprises, ecosystems and economies with blockchains

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) conducted a global survey of over 1,000 executives to understand how blockchain can rethink enterprises, ecosystems and economies. Blockchains transforming ecosystems For centuries, global trade has been the single greatest creator of wealth in human history and market friction the greatest obstacle to wealth. Blockchain technology – which […]

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By Jacqi Levy on February 12, 2017

4 BIG ways the IoT is impacting design and construction

This is the first post in a four-part series on how the IoT is impacting buildings. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming every facet of the building – how we inhabit them, how we manage them, and even how we build them. There is a vast ecosystem around today’s buildings, and no part of […]

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By Chris O'Connor on February 10, 2017

What blockchain means for you, and the Internet of Things

Why is everyone so interested in blockchain, and what does that interest mean for the Internet of Things? Blockchain is beginning to play a major part in the Internet of Things by enhancing security, enabling inclusion of low-value devices to be increasingly viable and making managing a device easier for decades to come. Blockchain builds […]

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By Sayyidul Arafat on February 2, 2017

Three questions to help you get started on IoT technology

One of the key tasks in 2017 for both IT and business decision makers is to determine if they are ready to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology for their business. There’s a dilemma: if I invest late, I could miss the chances of gaining a technology edge over my competitors. However, if I invest early, […]

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By Chris O'Connor on January 3, 2017

Top five Internet of Things trends for 2017

The past year has been a transformative and exciting year for the Internet of Things. We have seen almost every industry invest in the IoT and leading industries quickly move to implementing IoT solutions that are driving the bottom line. The IoT trends driving enterprise digital transformation Enterprises are driving the Internet of Things transformation. […]

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By John McDonald on December 9, 2016

IoT and the moment for enterprise architects to shine

There’s no question about it: the Internet of Things (IoT) is the topic of the moment. According to research by Morgan Stanley, ninety percent of product design engineers are actively adding IoT connectivity to their products. However, most companies are currently ill suited for this transition. Many products and services were designed around electrical or […]

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By Franklin Morris on December 9, 2016

The top 3 trends impacting field workforce management in 2017

Managing a workforce in the field is no easy task, but advances in technology are continuing to bring the discipline of field workforce management into the connected, mobile era. The ability to optimally plan and dispatch field workers to geographic locations in a timely manner is a core mission for many businesses. Getting this right, […]

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By Scott Stockwell on October 25, 2016

OutThink limits, unleash your professional potential

What does cognitive mean to today’s professional? Harriet Green, General Manager IBM Watson Internet of Things, Cognitive Engagement and Education underlined the benefits that cognitive computing brings professionals. By providing the right information at right time to make productive decisions. We’re all overwhlmed with so much information and it’s hard to seapatea signal from noise, […]

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By Jen Clark on October 20, 2016

What is M2M technology?

Since the advent of the internet, technology has transformed the way that we communicate; not only with each other, but with the world around us too. Today, the world is more connected than ever, thanks to M2M communication and the Internet of Things. M2M literally means ‘Machine to Machine’. It describes the interaction of billions […]

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By Liza Cooper on July 13, 2016

IBM and AT&T join forces in the IoT

IBM and AT&T team up to create robust IoT solutions. This collaboration will provide deeper insights from data collected from connected devices. This partnership will bring forth a fully integrated solution that will provide access to powerful design tools, global connectivity, advance analytics, and cognitive services for analyzing IoT data. These features will help to […]

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By Susan Visser on June 16, 2016

What can businesses learn about technology from a cyclist?

Did you like cycling as a child? Perhaps as you grew older, your bicycle become a primary source of transportation—that is, until you got your driver’s license and access to a car! For people in many parts of the world the bicycle remains a primary mode of transportation for getting to work, taking kids to […]

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