It takes Alchemy to keep abreast of the StormWave media

Written by Cor van der Struijf | January 15, 2017 | Automotive, Blog

Let´s rewind five years. How would you respond to a request to engage in a groundbreaking project technically, knowing that the project would start rolling in only two weeks? And that the project required an in-depth and responsive analysis of social media. You would kindly decline the request, right? Fortunately, thanks to the technological advancements ...read more

Top five Internet of Things trends for 2017

Written by Chris O'Connor | January 3, 2017 | Business, Platform, Security

The past year has been a transformative and exciting year for the Internet of Things. We have seen almost every industry invest in the IoT and leading industries quickly move to implementing IoT solutions that are driving the bottom line. The IoT trends driving enterprise digital transformation Enterprises are driving the Internet of Things transformation. ...read more