Smart homes and sensors: The CES 2017 innovation awards

By | 2 minute read | January 6, 2017

leadspace image of las vegas skyline where the CES event is held

Those of you unable to make it to CES 2017 might be wondering what trends, must haves, and innovations are on display this week. So I took a floor walk around the Tech West CES Innovation Awards to keep you up to speed with the latest developments in smart home technology.

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

A 2017 CES Best of Innovation, the 360 smart bed will change the way you sleep – certainly something we need in Las Vegas during conference season! It uses machine learning to sense and adjust for an optimized sleeping experience.

Smart board games

The traditional meets the smart with this electronic table top boardgame – Beyond Tablet. It’s a game, it’s a musical instrument, it’s an educational tool that allows the whole family to play together instead of sharing a screen.

Catspad smart solution for pet care

Does your pet make you suffer when you’re away from home? I know mine does. That’s where Catspad comes in. A smart cat food and water dispenser you can control from anywhere in the world via a mobile app. No wonder it’s a CES Innovation Awards 2017 Honoree.

Time for a smart swim?

A 2017 CES Honoree blue by Riiot, can tell you in real-time if your pool is in the right condition for a swim. With a range of sensors, the blue continuously monitors the temperature, pH, and chlorine levels, and tells you via a mobile app if you should take a swim.

Heating water

La Douche was also a 2017 Honoree for eco-design and sustainable tech. It’s a domestic water heater powered by the waste water heat energy. La Douche delivers 15Kw power with only 3000W from the socket, saving 80% off your electricity bill.

IBM wins at CES 2017

These are just a few of the highlights from the CES 2017 Innovation Awards. Each year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), OTMP honors the most innovative, state-of-the-art mobile and wireless products and solutions in today’s market. IBM is proud to announce that we won two major mobile and wireless awards:



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