Eat and drink smart – IoT offers food solutions

By | 2 minute read | April 6, 2016

We all know that eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water is good for us, and it’s that kind of stat and fact that we’ve recorded for years via various fitness and diet trackers. But thanks to cognitive computing and IoT the world of smart eating and drinking is evolving quicker than you can digest this article…

Chef Watson

IBM recently introduced you to Watson and Cognitive Cooking. The invention of recipes based on billions of possible ingredient combinations. Simply select what’s in your fridge and Chef Watson (with help of the Institute of Culinary Education) will tell you what to make. Not hungry? Don’t worry, Watson is also on hand to create cocktail combinations for your enjoyment.

Cocktail maker

There’s also Sombar, an app controlled countertop cocktail maker, named by Mashable as one of the top kitchen gadgets of the year, and winner of Best Home Appliance of 2016 by CES. Simply scroll through a list of drinks, decide on the strength or customise your cocktail, and watch it pour.

Smart wine bottle

Kuvée have come forward with a smart wine bottle – well not quite an actual bottle – It’s a shell that can be loaded with containers made specially for it. As the container is loaded into Kuvée, everything about the wine appears on the bottle’s touchscreen. Rate the wine, and get recommendations for more. Right now it’s powered by wine experts, but imagine if all your likes and dislikes, along with everyone else’s from around the world, could be analysed and recommendations made to you thanks to the power of Watson?

The Kuvée Bottle also keeps wine fresh thanks to two-valve system, so you can stop mid-bottle, or serve a variety of wine at your next dinner party, safe in the knowledge that there will be no wastage.

Juice on tap recently raised over $70 million in start-up funding. Described as the Nespresso for juice, you pop in a pod, and out comes your selected smoothie. Because it’s connected you’ll get recommendations of what pouches to buy, what flavours might suit, and the best recipes for maximum nutrition.

To heat food up

For those ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’ amongst us there’s June. A countertop smart oven. The in-built camera identifies the food you’ve put in the oven, and knows how to cook it and for how long. You can track the progress on the live-streaming app. Reports indicate June will be ready for November / December shipping, so let’s see how the turkey turns out.

Keeping it cool

And for all your food storage needs there’s smart fridges. With in-built inside cameras it knows what you buy, when you buy it, and when you’ve run out. A great opportunity to get repeat orders for your favourite products, or share money-off coupons to get you to try something new.
There’s no doubt that smart technology and internet of things will simplify food and drink storage and preparation, and we can’t wait to see it!

Let us know what you think about using IoT for food and drink in the comments field below, or read more about other ways you can make your home and kitchen smart. And if any of these ideas have inspired you as a developer or engineer take a look at how you can make the most of IBMs Watson technology for your IoT start-up.