Smart buildings are made, not born

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When we think of smart buildings, we often think new. Tall, shiny skyscrapers of steel and glass. Recently constructed homes with open concept living and mid-century modern furniture. Brand new factories pushing out the hottest tech products.

And in some ways, it’s true. It’s only logical that the latest technology would be first to appear in new projects, so we often see new construction buildings being the first to adopt IoT technologies.

Smart doesn’t have to mean new

However, it doesn’t have to be the case. Equipping an analog building with smarts can be easier than you think. We recently worked with Tyréns AB and Yanzi to prove the case that any building can become an IoT building in no time. Watch as we create a connected building by installing 1,000 sensors in just under four hours!

If walls could talk: what our buildings can teach us

The people and assets in our buildings create a huge amount of unstructured data, which the IoT can help us to capture and understand. The Watson IoT Platform allows you to easily connect devices, analyse data from any source and build applications that learn from the physical world – so you can adapt space as your needs change.

Want to learn more about how IoT is transforming the way we build, manage and experience buildings? See intelligent buildings in action at our case studies page, and take a look at this slideshow presentation to see 10 opportunities the Internet of Things can bring to smart buildings.

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