Laptops and Lederhosen: meet Sepp, Motel One’s robot employee

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Always wanted to chat to a robot in Lederhosen? Now is your chance! Meet Sepp, Motel One’s stylish employee. He is already dressed to the nines in his Lederhosen, typical Bavarian attire, just in time for the biggest beer festival in the world – Oktoberfest! Oh, and he just so happens to be a robot.

Sepp proudly wearing his leather breeches to epitomise the phrase ‘Laptops and Lederhosen’, which is often used to describe Munich: in celebrating its rich history and culture, whilst working with cutting-edge technology to transform lives and industries.

Sepp and Motel One staff

Sepp and Motel One staff

A new Motel One for Munich

For Motel One, Sepp has enhanced the lobby of their latest hotel in Schwabing, a trendy neighbourhood located in the north of Munich, Germany. Motel One is a new and rapidly expanding design hotel chain, celebrating the opening of their eighth hotel in Munich this week.

Each of their locations has a unique design, based on its location; for Hotel Motel One München-Parkstadt Schwabing, located alongside our towering IBM IoT global headquarters and the surrounding tech park, the very apt design concept is technology. Joining Sepp are game consoles, circuit board motifs and even keyboard cushions. Guests can experience and engage with the theme throughout the hotel.

On the terrace

On the terrace

Sepp, the robo-concierge

Each day, Sepp welcomes and interacts with hotel guests, answering practical questions and providing useful information. Programmed by a team from the IoT Consulting Practice, he uses IBM Watson Conversation Services to understand and answer guests’ questions about when breakfast is served, check-in and check-out times, as well as general information about Motel One. Sepp even harnesses expertise from The Weather Company to provide accurate meteorological updates to hotel guests. It does not end there – Sepp’s knowledge is constantly expanding as he learns new functions and gestures to entertain and share knowledge.

Sepp in a Motel One room

Sepp in a Motel One room

Sepp commemorates and represents the start of a new collaboration between IBM IoT and Motel One. As his new home is just across the street from the IBM IoT Center, our newest neighbours can tap into our growing global ecosystem of clients, collocation and business partners across various industries.

Now is the best time to plan a trip to Munich – when you arrive make sure to visit the IBM IoT Center and Sepp in Motel One next door!

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