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Risk for asset-intensive companies: ERP & EAM

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There are several common misconceptions about the value, capabilities and deployment of enterprise solutions in asset-intensive industries. In this webcast, these myths will be discussed so that decision makers can better understand the real risk and realities associated with them.

In the webcast, our myth buster, Ron Wallace, will demystify five myths so that decision makers in asset-intensive industries can better understand what the real risk could be.

  • Understand the value and capabilities enterprise asset management solutions.
  • Learn about the impact of renegade application on your organization
  • Get the facts behind the myths of ERP solutions

The business process platforms that ERP companies now serve provide a great foundation for developing a seamlessly integrated environment based on solutions from multiple vendors. Organizations can view this as an opportunity to use best-of-breed solutions that are built on the right architecture as a way to increase the value of their ERP investments.

The use of IBM Maximo Asset Management as a strong operational system can enhance the quality of asset data, contribute to the health and safety of the workforce, and help facilitate better practices that directly and significantly impact the long-term success of the business.

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Meet our myth buster, Ron Wallace

Ron Wallace is an industry marketing manager in IBM’s Watson IoT business unit and has over 30 years of professional experience working with clients in asset intensive industries including utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing and engineering. He was the co-founder of the Maximo Utility Working Group in 1997. IBM’s solutions help clients reduce costs and improve productivity while operating in a safe and reliable manner. Ron served in the US Navy and has a BS in Industrial Technology from Northeastern University.

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See how intelligent asset management can help out business in manufacturing and other industries read our white paper Understanding the Value of Enterprise Asset Management or contact a representative today.

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