Ricoh, IBM and the interactive whiteboard every company needs

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Back in October at IBM’s World of Watson event Harriet Green was joined on stage by Mona Abutaleb, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Services, Ricoh Americas. They demonstrated the Ricoh interactive whiteboard, and showed how it is using Watson Natural Language Classifier and cognitive capabilities.

Today, at the official opening of IBM’s Watson IoT headquarters in Munich, Germany, we revealed that IBM is installing more than 80 Ricoh whiteboards in the new HQ.

The whiteboards enable IBM’s product development teams in Munich to hold meetings with other employees, partners, and customers in other locations across the world. And ensure that data and information collected within meetings is not lost.

The new interactive whiteboard uses Watson intelligence and voice technologies to support meetings by responding to commands, taking notes and actions and even translating those meetings into other languages. Watson doesn’t just listen, but is an active meeting participant, using real-time analytics to help guide discussions so teams can make faster, better and more informed decisions.

“Together with IBM, we’ve created the Intelligent Workplace Solution to revolutionize meetings. Instead of being a screen, the intelligent whiteboard powered by Watson will be an active participant capturing meeting notes and action items, and building bridges between employees at different locations. The new solution is poised to be a cornerstone of meetings today and in the future.” 
Hidetsugu Nonaka, Corporate Senior Vice President, Ricoh

What can the cognitive whiteboards do?

  • Using the Intelligent Office Solution meetings can be translated into a number of other languages
  • It can log attendance and ensure that all key topics on the agenda are covered
  • The board can be controlled by any employee (whether in person or remote), including changing slides with voice commands
  • Notes and side conversations are captured and displayed on the same board

I want a Ricoh interactive whiteboard

Get details on RICOH Intelligent Workplace Solution powered by IBM Watson, and Ricoh’s full line of products, services and solutions.

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