Predictive maintenance is just one of IBM’s IoT for Manufacturing strengths

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Many companies make a claim to the predictive maintenance market. Many more than you might imagine. In fact, IoT Analytics in its Predictive Maintenance Market Report 2017-22 has identified at least 110 technology firms that have worked on predictive maintenance implementations. These firms address various parts of the overall predictive maintenance solution – condition monitoring hardware, industrial automation hardware, connectivity, storage & platform, and analytics.

Every implementation unique

If anything, based upon the number of participants (including startups) and the range of offerings, you may conclude that a successful implementation of predictive maintenance often requires orchestrated cooperation among multiple vendors – from sensors to software – to transform operational data into predictive early warnings of impending asset degradation or failure. As practitioners will acknowledge, every implementation is unique and the degree of solution complexity varies by industry, and type and age of equipment (see Bring the benefit of IoT to older manufacturing equipment). Nonetheless, the results can be significant, leading to improved asset availability, better allocation of maintenance skills and resources, and lower maintenance costs.

IBM garners #1 ranking

IBM is gratified to be ranked by IoT Analytics as the #1 company enabling predictive maintenance based upon number of IBM employees dedicated to this and the wide media coverage the IBM receives. IBM’s predictive and prescriptive maintenance offerings differentiate themselves with a breadth and depth of analytic capabilities. They include predictive models that can be tailored for specific use-cases, industry-models that accelerate implementation, and cognitive models that employ machine learning to correlate factors that deleteriously affect asset health, predict time failure and recommend appropriate changes to maintenance schedules and procedures.

Focus on Manufacturing

IBM’s strengths in the area of predictive and prescriptive maintenance are complemented by significant investments in the Watson IoT Platform, years of research and development in data management and analytics, and application of these analytic and IoT solutions to meet a broader set to manufacturing needs such as quality analytics, cognitive visual inspection, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and warranty analytics.

Hannover Messe

From April 24 through 28 IBM will be at Hannover Messe demonstrating these manufacturing capabilities as well as a range of additional cognitive solutions and enterprise asset management offerings. If you are one of the 190,000 or so attendees at this spectacular event and you have a keen interest in learning how IBM’s solutions can help improve your manufacturing processes, please visit Hall 7 Stand C18 to discuss your needs with industry experts and learn how these solutions can help improve your manufacturing operations.

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