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IBM and Medtronic at CES 2017: predictive care for diabetes

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In the winter of 2015, my dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Watching him have to adjust to the pricking, the blood, the medication, etc. was a difficult task and my family sought after more simple measures for management. In the connected world, the Internet of Things is able to simplify healthcare. IBM and Medtronic have teamed up to tackle simplifying a world with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes with the help of Watson.

The Sugar iQ app with Watson and Medtronic

Medtronic leads the way for experience with diabetes in technology and information. In combination with Watson, they have developed the Sugar iQ app which creates a personal profile to better understand the individuals needs with diabetes. “One of the most exciting applications of Watson is healthcare and medicine” says Huzefa Neemuchwala of Medtronics. Sugar iQ, with the help of Watson, becomes a personal assistant to become predictive in the care of diabetics.

When using Sugar iQ, you wear a device which reports data back to the app. This device can predict hypoglycemia three to four hours in advanced. That knowledge can be life saving. It also tracks patterns in the data and encourages certain food choices based on their impacts on your body. This provides more control and an opportunity to regulate symptoms.

Why do people with diabetes need a cognitive app?

Medtronics and IBM are on a mission simply to help everyday people in everyday life. With that mission statement in mind, they sought out to create a solution where Watson helps understand and Medtronic provides the technology and experience. Diabetes is a data driven disease, and almost all of the care is in the hands of those suffering with the disease. The knowledge of how you have been managing, what you can be doing to manage, and to know what is coming will revolutionize the care of diabetes.

Once the app is open to the public, I plan to download it to my dad’s phone.

Want to know more about opportunities for Watson with Healthcare?

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