By Amy Bennett and Rhonda Edwards on July 26, 2016

USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit: In their own words

This blog walks you through some of the amazing photography of John Huet with a few words from the USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit team members.  Please make sure to check out our blog series about the teaming of USA Cycling and IBM. “Our sport is so unique in that it is not just a […]

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By Sara Strope on July 26, 2016

IBM’s own Iron Woman talks about data driven training

In Pursuit: Chasing down data and stronger performance In 2008, I saved the little bit of energy I had left in my tank to unleash a huge smile as I crossed the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid. I was overjoyed to have completed racing 140.6 miles – which included my first marathon. For six […]

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By Lynne Slowey on July 25, 2016

How IoT will change your life

I’ve been at IBM for over three months now. I feel like I am getting to grips with my role. I am enjoying working with, and learning from, my colleagues. And I am loving the excitement, innovation, and fast pace that comes from working at a leading technology company. I’m also enjoying talking about my […]

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By Rhonda Edwards and Jay Mason on July 22, 2016

Data surfaces small insights that yield winning results

Enter the data scientist Today’s competitive coaching roles are mired with seemingly incompatible skills and responsibilities. Unique sport expertise, competitive landscape, ever-evolving training methodology, sports medicine, modern technology, not to mention organizational navigation, logistics and equipment design to name a few of the key qualifications for a successful coach. Enter the data scientist and the […]

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By Sara Strope and Dustin Freckleton on July 21, 2016

Health Check: innovation at the intersection of fitness apps & wearables

Speed, power, and strength – these – are just a few of the characteristics that come to mind when I think about what makes the cyclists on Team USA stand out from the crowd.  But have you ever thought about their aerobic capacity?  What about their lactate threshold?  We can clearly measure speed with odometers, power […]

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By Liza Cooper and Amy Bennett on July 21, 2016

IoT and sport: An infographic of play

Sport and cognitive solutions IBM’s Watson is changing the game for athletes. How we play, enjoy, and manage sport is being effected by live, real-time, actionable data insights. Take a look at our infographic below, and let us know how you use data to guide your daily sporting activity.

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By Chloe Kemble on July 21, 2016

Does the IoT hold the cards for future Parkinson’s treatment?

What if cognitive technologies could impact the way people live with illnesses like Parkinson’s? From the patient to the practitioner, just imagine if we could harness the power of the Internet of Things to formulate new treatments and care strategies, decipher the root causes of our diseases, and make it possible for those that are […]

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By Amy Bennett on July 20, 2016

Watson IoT and Sports: Change the Game

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to impact every aspect of your life. From the quality of your sleep, to your commute and how you interact with the city and people around you. The IoT is delving deeper and revolutionizing the way you interact with sports. Athletes, sports fans and venues alike are […]

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By Lynne Slowey on July 18, 2016

Watson plays Pokémon Go – AT&T Hackathon Winner!

Watson API is a winner with a new Pokémon hack Pokémon Go has quickly become one of the most used apps beating the previous record held by Candy Crush Saga. The Pokémon Go game, using augmented reality and GPS, allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on device screens as […]

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By Liza Cooper on July 15, 2016

The future with robotics and AI is bright

Since the dawn of technology, there have been fears surrounding the future. What will these advances bring? How will they change our lives? What does this mean for my livelihood? In the twenty-first century these fears are the same. “Will robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) put me out of a job?” The answer is yes, […]

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By Liza Cooper on July 13, 2016

IBM and AT&T join forces in the IoT

IBM and AT&T team up to create robust IoT solutions. This collaboration will provide deeper insights from data collected from connected devices. This partnership will bring forth a fully integrated solution that will provide access to powerful design tools, global connectivity, advance analytics, and cognitive services for analyzing IoT data. These features will help to […]

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By Greg Knowles on July 12, 2016

Bring the power of Watson IoT to the Edge

IBM is working with Cisco to coordinate analytics and data processing from the cloud to the edge to respond to conditions with low latency and throttle the flow to the cloud. Greg Knowles, IBM Program Director, Internet of Things Analytics, Watson IoT will be sharing the details at Cisco Live! Attend CiscoLive! to hear about […]

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