By Russell Gowers on September 21, 2016

The last best experience: customer service in a digital world

“The last best experience that anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere,” said IBM’s glorious GBS leader Bridget van Kranlingen a few years back. She was absolutely bang on, of course – as if I would ever suggest otherwise. So I thought I’d list out some of the last, […]

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By Scott Potter on September 20, 2016

Conquering the growing complexity of lease accounting standards

When people think about leases, the real estate industry immediately comes to mind. But for many companies — across all industries — leases are some of the most expensive assets on the balance sheet. Asset-intensive businesses also lease equipment, from lower cost assets such as IT equipment, to large assets such as fleets, airplanes, complex […]

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By Anthony Behan on September 20, 2016

No really, what is the Internet of Things?

The question ‘what is the Internet of Things?’ seems almost trite, unnecessary. But if we take it for granted, we may miss some vital clues as to how it redefines the Internet, and social interaction with technology. The simple definition from a Google search says that it is ‘a proposed development of the Internet in […]

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By Jen Clark on September 19, 2016

IoT ruins movies: Speed

Setting the scene So I have to admit – yesterday, the most I knew about 1994 action thriller ‘Speed’ was that Family Guy’s Peter Griffin thought the movie’s title was “The bus that couldn’t slow down.” So seeing the film today was an unexpected treat. The film: ‘Speed’ Released in 1994, Speed was a surprise hit, […]

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By Anna Katharina Hartmann on September 16, 2016

Free webinar: connect your sensors to social media

The internet of things is everywhere. You hear about it on the news, read about it online, your colleagues mention the topic at work, your boss asks you to become a specialist on the topic… 

Okay, the latter might be a little over exaggerated, but we can all agree that the abbreviation IoT is wide […]

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By Jen Clark on September 15, 2016

IoT weekly round-up: 15th September, 2016

Welcome to IBM’s weekly IoT round-up. All the latest news on the Internet of Things from around the connected world.  IoT and the world of sport Two game-changing devices launched in time for the Paralympics, which began last week: Blind Cap, which alerts blind swimmers via a vibration when it is time to make their […]

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By Suresh Jasrasaria and Randall E Wilcox on September 15, 2016

USA Cycling: getting one step closer to perfection

Like everything else these days, the sports industry is also being driven by just-in-time data and analytics. Cloud and IoT economics is transforming sports coaching with web apps that include up-to-the-minute performance data of each athlete’s actions. Training data may very well become the new currency over the course of an athlete’s career. Studying the […]

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By Jen Clark on September 15, 2016

Star Trek: the start of the IoT?

Happy Birthday Star Trek! It’s 50 years since the first episode aired on NBC, in which a crew of astronauts aboard the Starship Enterprise explored a fictional United Federation of Planets in the 23rd century. At the time of filming, Star Trek was a goldmine of imaginative technological goodies. But could it have also been the […]

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By Zach Jory on September 13, 2016

Observations from ThingMonk: people making IoT platforms

I’m writing from ThingMonk and I can’t do any better than the summary on their event page “the developer conference for people making IoT platforms. We bring together technologists and designers building core infrastructure for IoT for 2 days of awesome, unique talks on topics including bots, industrial automation/industry 4.0, machine learning, time series data, […]

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By Jen Clark on September 13, 2016

IoT and the telecommunications industry

Nicola Villa and Richard Savage have co-authored a white paper that addresses how the Internet of Things can add value in the telecommunications industry. The white paper explores how Telecom operators have engaged with the IoT over the last 10 years, and focuses in particular on the application of IoT within smart cities. The authors […]

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By Kim Kemble on September 13, 2016

Data and more data: how IoT could impact the lives those with diabetes

If you think about it, the life of a Type 1 diabetic (T1D) abounds with data. For example, it is recommended that most Type 1 diabetics test their blood glucose (BG) at least 5-6 times a day. So that’s 5-6 data points each day. I’ve been a T1D for over thirty-three years. I can’t say […]

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By Jen Clark on September 8, 2016

Revolutionary eAscot app guides blind marathon runners

IBM’s Bluemix Garage has designed an app to guide blind marathon runners using audio cues when they veer too far off course. The development makes a welcome addition to other technical aids for blind elite athletes ahead of this year’s Paralympics, such as ‘Blind Cap’, a swim cap that vibrates when it is time for […]

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