By Steve Shoaf on December 1, 2016

Design for analytics in IoT product development

In my last blog post, I wrote about a feedback loop in which operational data can be used to improve design—to optimize products, systems or processes, in support of improved business outcomes. The instantiation of this feedback loop is known as the digital thread. In this blog, I’d like to explore the idea of design […]

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By Sophie Cullinane on December 1, 2016

The IoT and smart home security systems that revolutionised 2016

IoT has had a significant impact on home security in 2016 more than ever. According to Google Trends, at it’s peak, over 75% more people searched for ‘smart home’ in 2016 than comparatively in 2015 worldwide. IoT for home innovation and security allows people to control their locks, lights, radios, heating and camera security all […]

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By Christopher Ricci on November 30, 2016

How low-code platforms help underwriters tap the value of cognitive services

The Mendix team was really excited to sponsor and attend IBM World of Watson for the first time in October 2016. We met a lot of great people and learned a lot about the future of Watson and cognitive computing.  In particular, Mendix was there to help organizations understand how low-code platforms can speed up […]

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By Kevin Larsen on November 30, 2016

Innovation begins at home: A connected home is a safer home

How to monitor your home environment from anywhere using Texas Instruments LaunchPad and Watson IoT Platform While it’s true that “home is where the heart is,” it’s also where the risk is for many people. There are numerous sources in the home which can negatively impact a homeowner’s safety or financial well-being. For example, a […]

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By Jonathon Chard on November 29, 2016

Connected products, dependability and value in the IoT

IoT seems, at times, to be the destination rather than the route by which we realize value. Connected products are clearly a key part of IoT, but the real benefits run deeper than simply being a means to sell more stuff. As ‘Black Friday’ shopping events kick off the Christmas shopping season there will, of […]

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By Jen Clark on November 29, 2016

Precision: The Internet of Things course with Dr Timothy Chou

Mystified by the hows, whats and wherefores of the IoT? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And now there’s a course designed to make it simple – courtesy of the IoT Institute and Dr Timothy Chou, Lecturer at Stanford University and author of Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things. Why the course […]

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By Laura Storey on November 28, 2016

How to become an inventor: Part 1

Here’s a hypothesis: Anyone can invent. Not convinced? I understand. Don’t you need to be technical to be an IBM inventor? Perhaps. I’m not a technical person. Technically, I’m a person, but I’m not in any way, shape or form ‘technical’. I have a couple of Patents Published for technical tools though. I am an […]

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By Jacqi Levy on November 28, 2016

Fighting the good fight against ice cream freezer burn

If you’re like me, then ice cream is one of your favorite treats. It’s cool and refreshing in the summer, and it’s the perfect complement to a warm pie or molten brownie in the winter. It comes in a mind boggling multitude of flavors. And, it satisfies my craving for sweets with oh-so-marginally less guilt […]

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By Robert Klein on November 28, 2016

Internet of Things webinar: Friday 16th December

Join us on Friday, 16th December at 2pm (GMT) for a webinar exploring how easily you can drive digital transformation in your enterprise and take advantage of IoT technology. IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are slowly but surely being adopted by enterprises, and the current number of 14.9 billion globally connected “things” is projected to double […]

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By Scott Neuman on November 28, 2016

Black Friday or black hole Friday? IoT and retail

We all know that Black Friday can make or break a year in retail. It is estimated that this year, a record of over $3B in on line sales were generated ($1B from mobile devices). And for those who follow this space, the battle continues over how best to engage potential shoppers both in store […]

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By Karen Lewis on November 28, 2016

Innovation begins at home with the Internet of Caring Things

Ambient Assisted Living: Passive monitoring of elderly and vulnerable people in their homes The average life expectancy at birth now exceeds 83 years in Japan, 81 in several other countries, and in East Asia, now exceeds 74 years. Advances in science and medicine mean we are living longer, healthier lives. It also means that there […]

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By Matt Bellias on November 28, 2016

How IoT is innovating transport to make cities more liveable

This is the third post in a three-part series on how the Internet of Things is impacting transport. Congestion, primarily driven by commuters and centered around cities, is a huge economic problem – costing the U.S. $160 billion per year according to researchers at Texas A&M. This is a global problem, often affecting growing cities […]

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