By Jen Clark on April 13, 2017

IoT weekly round-up, Thursday 13th April 2017

Welcome to the IoT weekly round-up, the latest news from the connected world. This week, there’s more on Waymo’s suit against Uber for alleged patent infiltration, Samsung delays its voice assistant Bixby until the spring, and Apple are pushing reset on the Mac Pro. Samsung delays its Siri equivalent Samsung has confirmed that its voice-powered […]

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By Jen Clark on April 12, 2017

London Marathon: Improve your training with the IoT

To many, the arrival of April means better weather, Easter and perhaps a half-hearted attempt at the couch-to-5k app. To serious runners up and down the UK, however, it means the London Marathon is upon us at last. So this is one for you runners, you brave and wondrous folk. We asked IBM-er Rich Howarth, […]

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By Manisha Sharma Kohli on April 11, 2017

Crossing the line between normal and abnormal patterns in the Internet of Things

A large technology conference such as the IBM InterConnect event can be overwhelming to many of us. But, it’s a worthwhile experience to endure – not just because there are more than fifteen thousand users, partners, analysts, media and IBM subject matter experts under one roof, but also because you get a first-hand, first-look experience with […]

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By Jen Clark on April 7, 2017

Highlights of the 15th Annual IBM China Forum

The 15th Annual IBM China Forum will take place in Beijing on Tuesday, bringing together more than 5,000 clients, partners, IBM experts and key influencers to explore the way IBM’s work is transforming and reimagining industries. Keynote: Transformation in the age of the IoT Flying the flag for the IoT will be Sanjay Brahmawar, IBM […]

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By Hannah Merry on April 6, 2017

IoT and the World Cycling Track Championships

This year sees the UCI World Track Championships held in Hong Kong from April 12th-16th. Last year, IBM collaborated with Team USA to give the Women’s Team Pursuit a competitive edge by using real-time data to improve their technique on the track. As this partnership continues, cyclists learn to improve as they ride, using innovative […]

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By Jen Clark on April 6, 2017

IoT weekly round-up, Thursday 6th April 2017

In this week’s IoT round-up, Garadget throws its toys out of the pram following a rude review of its garage door opener app, Greenwich gets a taste of the self-driving shuttle bus and Amazon will refund millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app purchases made by children. Amazon will refund kids’ unauthorized in-app purchases Amazon will […]

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By Jen Clark on April 6, 2017

IoT ruins movies: Single White Female

Setting the scene There’s nothing like a tale of stolen identity, sex and murder to spice up an otherwise ordinary Tuesday morning. Today, the IoT will get its clutches into Single White Female – a psychological thriller guaranteed to put you off roommates for life. We’ll investigate how blockchain and the smart home could have […]

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By Chris O'Connor on April 5, 2017

Developers come together to make IoT ideas a reality

Picture a resident living in a modern apartment complex. This complex rises to 100 floors and you are given key card access to all the facilities including parking and unlocking your front door. The moment you enter the complex, after swiping your card at the gate, the connected building knows that you are headed to […]

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By Dr Lucy Rogers on April 5, 2017

Robots and Node-RED: Rapanui, the eco-friendly clothing factory

Rapanui, an award winning fashion brand uses Node-RED, MQTT and Raspberry Pi computers to make ethical and eco-friendly bespoke products at high street prices – no guilt tax involved. One of the services that Rapanui Clothing Limited provides is T-shirt printing. They use open source technology to help reduce the batch size of their T-shirt […]

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By Jen Clark on March 30, 2017

IoT weekly round-up: Thursday 30th March 2017

This week, Beauty and the Beast’s magic (smart?) home takes a cautionary battering in, Chuck the warehouse robot is available to buy and one of Uber’s self-driving test vehicles is involved in a crash in Arizona. Read on for the latest from the connected world. Beauty and the Beast: A study in the uncanny […]

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By Vijay Sankaran on March 29, 2017

Visual inspection for improved quality in manufacturing

The challenges of quality inspection in manufacturing Manufacturing operations strive to deliver the highest quality during every stage of the production or assembly process. Over half of these quality checks involve visual confirmation to ensure the parts are in the correct locations, have the right shape or color or texture, and are free from any […]

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By Hannah Merry on March 28, 2017

IoT: Reducing the effect of weather on industries

The weather has a direct, daily impact on us as it affects what we wear, our mood and the industries we work for. The Weather Company estimated that it’s the largest external factor affecting business performance, leading to $1 trillion lost annually in the US alone. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help improve our understanding of […]

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