Change one thing: The IoT meets New Year’s resolutions. Part 3: Better sleep

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Day three in the IoT meets New Year’s resolutions camp. We’ve tackled diet and exercise, but what about sleep? Time for some shut eye, with a little help from the connected world.

The goal: I want to sleep better

After two days of less than ample sleep our reaction times and concentration are pretty shot. But with emails and notifications popping up late in the evening, it’s no wonder that we find it difficult to settle down for the night. It might sound strange for an IoT post, but the best thing you can do is turn your gadgets off an hour before you go to bed. Whoever’s emailing at 11pm can wait until the morning. That said, there are some kits and devices out there to help monitor your sleep, and offer a gentle way to drift off and wake up.

  • Withings Aura: Being abruptly awoken from deep sleep leaves you groggy and means you can miss out on the benefits of deeper slumber. This kit works by tracking your sleep patterns and waking you up during your lightest phase. A bedside lamp-style device monitors your sleeping environment and soothes with gentle modulating light patterns and soft music that gradually fades to silence. A sensor pad under the mattress monitors your patterns through the night – including heart rate, respiration and movement, then sends the data to your phone.
  • Sense: A tracker that clips onto your pillow to detect the movements you make at night, and offers a profile of your nightly routine with suggestions of what might be affecting your sleep. It keeps an eye on temperature, light, noise, barometric pressure and carbon dioxide levels. The new model is voice activated too.
  • Beddit 3 sleep tracker: Much like Sense, Beddit uses ultra-thin sensors that live beneath your bedsheets and pick up data about sleep duration, quality, heart rate and respiration. 

Up next in the series

Tomorrow we tackle procrastination: the thief of time. The pickpocket of productivity. The bandit of …um…efficiency. Missed parts one and two? Fear not, you can find them here:

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