Change one thing: The IoT meets New Year’s resolutions. Part 2: Regular exercise

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Welcome to part two of our series on New Year’s resolutions. Today, we tackle setting up a regular exercise regime, with a little help from the IoT.

The goal: I want to exercise regularly

Awesome. Good for you. My advice (not that I’m an expert), is to start small. A little goes a long way, and frequent activity (even if it’s just for ten minutes) is better than an hour once a week. Or never. Need some motivation and encouragement? These devices have your back:

  • Withings Smart Body Analyser: Traditional scales can be a tad demoralizing. They show only weight loss, which can be negligible, and don’t give credit for the other awesome aspects of getting fit – like body fat percentage, a lower resting heart rate and general sense of well-being. The Withings Smart Body Analyser can measure these metrics (except well-being, I guess) and share the data with the accompanying app. It also accepts data from other fitness devices such as sleep trackers, Fitbits and blood pressure monitors.
  • Fitbit: This wearable needs no introduction – it’s a real-time fitness tracker that counts your steps and works out how many calories you’ve burned – so a great way of keeping track of both incidental and planned exercise. It’s Wifi-enabled to sync with your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Runkeeper: Runkeeper is a work-out tracker offering detailed stats about distance covered, pace, calories burned and running time. Real-time audio commends help keep you motivated – it’s like having a virtual coach – and there are personalisable fitness plans to help achieve specific targets.
  • Couch to 5k: This one’s great for beginners. It’s a nine-week plan for running newbies that schedules workouts of around 30-40 minutes, three times a week. Warm-up and cool down sessions are included, as are custom motivational tips for encouragement along the way and a built-in music player.
  • Tao WellShell: Marketed as a gym you can fit in your pocket, Tao is a connected mini exercise device that can be squeezed, lifted, or pressed in hundreds of ways to target specific muscle groups. It’s great for those who don’t fancy a gym membership or are often away from home. The Tao WellShell tracks your fitness progress, sets goals and reminds you to get moving when you’ve been sitting still for too long.
  • Skulpt Aim: Looking to build muscle? Skulpt Aim is a wireless gadget that measures body fat percentage and muscle quality, so it’s easy to see exactly what progress you’re making.
  • Lovely: Fancy a more enjoyable way of burning calories? Sex will get your heart rate up – and now there’s a wearable for your willy, so you can track your performance on the go. Yes, really.

Up next in the series

Part three will explore the gadgets and gizmos that promise a perfect night’s kip. Missed out on the first instalment on healthy eating? You can catch up here.

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