Joining BBC Newsnight for Q&A on IoT

By | 1 minute read | August 5, 2016

Harriet Green on BBC's Newsnight

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all living and breathing IoT – from using the navigation system in our cars to setting our home alarms to dropping off packages to the post office. It’s touching all our lives – changing the market landscape and the way businesses are adapting to reach us as consumers. As we’re teaming with more and more clients to lead the IoT market, we’re seeing incredible excitement and interest from business clients and consumers who all want to hear more from our leadership on how we’re driving real transformation and innovation with the power of cognitive computing.

This week, Harriet Green joined BBC’s Newsnight to help answer many of these questions – talk about IoT, emerging technology, the impact of Brexit on technical innovation, and how IBM are leading the way in the cognitive era.

Watch the Newsnight interview

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Watch the Facebook Live Q&A

You can check out both the interview and Q&A as well as some follow-up answers to questions we didn’t have time to get to live on the Newsnight Facebook channel.

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