New Ways of Working Can Actually Improve Your Team’s Productivity

By | 1 minute read | August 24, 2020

I recently wrote an article for to talk about the advantages of the disruption we’ve faced in 2020 and the many opportunities to embrace a new standard of working.

No doubt the past several months have changed the business world, for better and for worse, perhaps forever. Many advantages are born out of disruption, for example, the world experiencing cleaner skies for a change.  There are other positive changes taking place…

  • Remote work is changing the world’s perspective on what’s possible in how and where we work
  • Improved connectivity among dispersed teams is enabling global collaboration across remote workspaces
  • We’re seeing accelerated acceptance of technologies like AI as well as process models like agile and SAFe to quickly improve productivity and quality
  • The pandemic has also chipped away at resistance of putting project work in the Cloud

IBM Engineering has been hard at work, modernizing its Engineering Lifecycle Management platform to help teams improve productivity, collaboration and overall product quality. These continuous enhancements are earning IBM ELM lots of high rankings in software reviews.

Read on to learn more specifics about the latest improvements for Requirements Quality Assistant and how it can help your teams see real improvements in efficiency.