IBM launches new Digital Twin and Platform capabilities for Watson Internet of Things

By | 1 minute read | February 21, 2017

Today IBM unveiled new IoT capabilities around Digital Twin and the Watson IoT Platform, at the Genius of Things summit in the new global Headquarters in Munich.

IBM launches Digital Twin capabilities for Design and Development

IBM, Aras Corporation and OSI Soft today are launching new IBM Digital Twin capabilities, to create multiple views of products by bringing together various ‘digital threads’ and data streams that can be tailored to the needs of a particular user.

Digital thread capabilities, combined with IBM Continuous Engineering capabilities help individuals or teams understand the impact of engineering decisions on a product’s performance. For example, an engineering team might use a Digital Twin to visualize the performance of equipment in operation, and use this feedback to improve its design.

For an operations team, a Digital Twin advice would allow technicians to see inside a device in order to identify potential problems. Maintenance could then be scheduled to correct issues before they become a problem.

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