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Migros Zurich drives down cost using asset management

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Migros Zurich deployed an IBM Enterprise Asset Management solution that enabled maintenance staff to work more productively on-the-go, cutting time and cost of repairs and providing a better shopping environment for customers.

Retail businesses need to operate seamlessly and offer the most efficient and well-managed shopping experiences to their customers to outdo their competitors. Most retail organizations’ reputations rest on their ability to provide high-quality goods and services with clockwork efficiency.

For front-end operations to work flawlessly, back-end operations need to function well. The backbone for retail, as with any other business, is making the most of highly efficient and effective asset management practices. Employing better asset management practices can result in tremendous cost savings for retail businesses.

Enabling maintenance staff to work more productively while on-the-go

Migros Zurich (GMZ) operates 97 stores, 26 specialty markets and 47 food outlets, serving around 1.5 million customers. Migros Zurich’s maintenance staff needed a solution to support not only preventive, corrective and condition-based maintenance, but also one that follows a comprehensive, proactive approach to enterprise asset management (EAM).

Specifically, the retailer needed to find a way to aggregate, consolidate and analyze information from asset inventories, service requests, work orders, maintenance records, equipment service contracts, warranties, service level agreements, and service and technical documentation, much of it archived in physical form in the company’s central offices. These records contained thousands of data points which could help the organization gain a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of its resources.

In addition, to promoting efficiency in the field, the company also required a mobile solution to provide field technicians with anywhere, real-time access to the company’s asset management system.

GMZ’s previous approach to maintenance involved many hours of manual effort. The analysis of costs and areas for improvement were extremely time consuming. To resolve these challenges, Migros Zurich deployed an IBM Enterprise Asset Management solution that enabled maintenance staff to work more productively on-the-go, cutting time and cost of repairs and providing a better shopping environment for customers. The organization now uses predictive analytics to assess years of maintenance data to accurately determine asset lifecycles.

Transform maintenance from reactive to proactive

Here are just a few ways in which the IBM asset management solution improved GMZ’s asset management processes:

  • Maintenance analysts could assess facility, system and equipment health across the company to better predict when systems would require maintenance, repair or replacement.
  • With these insights, Migros Zürich could prioritize and schedule maintenance tasks to extend the service-life of individual assets and optimize the allocation of staff needed to maintain them.
  • Technicians could access these and technical manuals and diagrams remotely using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets from the site of service calls, eliminating the need for time-consuming office visits to consult hard copy documentation.
  • Through rigorous data analysis to re-tune its maintenance strategy, they were also able to see how often each type of equipment breaks down, prioritize certain repairs, inform the relevant employees and enlist maintenance teams.
  • They could also examine the time spent on maintenance at each store, and investigate the cause of any outliers and help prevent them.

Learn more

Read the complete story of how Migros Zurich enhanced their asset management, achieved significant cost savings and improved asset reliability with IBM’s predictive maintenance and asset management solution.

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