Maximum Traffic Flow Constraint Impact Visibility with Fusion’s ATFM

By | 2 minute read | April 2, 2018

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As a system operations controller, you know the downline impact a small delay has on the operation including aircraft rerouting, cancellations, and widespread delays – all while you are striving for maximum efficiency and safety of your airline.

Our aviation team understands the problems you face and have enhanced our WSI Fusion monitoring application Air Traffic Flow Manager (ATFM) capabilities to monitor traffic flow constraints on your operations.

Gain Increased Insight and Visibility

No longer does your team have to leverage multiple external sources to closely monitor the latest traffic management initiative (TMI). Fusion’s ATFM capability gives your dispatchers and strategic planning teams a real-time visualization of these constraints.

Within the ATFM tool are four main features:

  1. The Interactive FAA Programs list is operations dashboard with a consolidated, chronological list of FAA TIMS and impacted flights that can be filtered by company, desk, or flight.
  2. The ATFM Route Manager is a tabbed interface that aids in the display, management, and editing of company and FAA TMI routes, including flexible search capabilities.
  3. The enhanced flight list allows you to graphically display FAA reroute compliance and provides visual indication of alerts affecting flights, letting your decision support team get granular details that impact operations without leaving the Fusion map.
  4. The dynamic display of FAA TMI information within Fusion displayed as dynamic layers showing all issued and active TMIs in Fusion.

Customize ATFM for Your Airline’s Needs
Every airline operation has unique needs. To account for this, the ATFM tool allows for a custom display of information. Using the Admin Manager, administrators have the flexibility to customize the tool’s configuration. Within the ATFM tool, the enhanced flight list has the following functionalities:

  • Reroute compliance displays applicable required routes based on the flight’s active or planned route.
  • The advanced filter editor provides custom filters to simplify flight lists and providing operators and standard spreadsheet filtering controls.
  • Multi-flight actions allow users to display flight and airport details and advisory status, among other features.
  • The route manager provides actions to copy routes for use outside of Fusion and for integration with the ATFM manager.

Adapt to Weather Events

Save time and maximize your operations’ ability to adapt to the ripples that weather events cause across your operations. Here’s a typical example of how the ATFM tool will work within your Fusion environment:

If a TMI is sent out regarding a snowstorm hitting the Northeast U.S., Fusion matches the constraint to impacted flights, clearly flagging the flights that are out of compliance. This functionality provides the best possible experience for dispatchers, allowing them to focus their efforts on keeping schedules and increasing efficiency and safety.

Fusion’s ATFM option can greatly improve your team’s ability to manage flow control measures implemented in U.S. National Airspace. With critical information on FAA TMIs integrated with other Fusion insights, you’ll have the proactive decision support to streamline operations, safely, and efficiently.