Harriet Green’s keynote at IoT World Forum: Unlocking the full value of IoT

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Cisco held their Internet of Things World Forum in London’s historic Tobacco Docks on May 22-24, 2017. Harriet Green, IBM’s General Manager Watson Internet of Things (IoT), Customer Engagement and Education took to the stage on the second morning to share IBM’s experience in realising the value of the Internet of Things – the core theme to Cisco’s event.

Harriet Green keynotes at Cisco IoT World Forum

Harriet Green keynotes at Cisco IoT World Forum

IBM and Cisco have partnered for many years, and in this space, particularly around fog computing. This bring’s Watson’s cognitive capabilities to the very edge of the network. Harriet shared a video of the Port of Cartagena demonstrating the results that can be achieved using these methods.

Impacting all industries

McKinsey predicts that by 2025, the IoT will bring $11 trillion in economic benefit, and we’re certainly well on our way. Harriet talked about the 6,000+ clients that IBM has, and how fast that number is growing. Last year IBM grew their customer base by 50% – in less than a year. The clients span all industries, not just the ones you might think of first, like retail and electronics, but energy and utilities, travel, transport and more. And IBM is investing too — $200m in a new Watson IoT in Munich Germany where 1,000 experts will be based along with partners and clients.

Harriet Green talks about IBM IoT Headquarters in Munich

Harriet Green talks about headquarters in Munich, Germany

Realising the value of IoT

There’s a good reason for this pervasive adoption — every industry is being influenced. It’s in the things that we buy and around our homes, as IBM clients such as Whirlpool are showing. It’s impacting how we travel, as IBM are seeing with clients such as SNCF, Toyota and VW. It’s changing the way we work, as IBM partners like Ricoh and HARMAN are demonstrating. It is even impacting the wines we drink as Harriet mentioned when she talked about work with Gallo Wineries – it’s even impact how we transact, as an great video from IBM’s work with VISA demonstrated.

Harriet Green says all industries are impacted by IoT

Harriet Green mentions that all industries are impacted by IoT

Driving digital transformation

Cisco’s IoT World Forum was focused around driving digital transformation and Harriet provided many examples where Watson IoT is doing that. Harriet concluded her presentation by suggesting that attendees visit the visit IBM’s Watson IoT website if they’d like to find out more. You can also see highlights of the event and watch the keynotes from all the presenters at Cisco’s IoT World Forum 2017 site.

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