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It’s time to THINK about: Manufacturing. What are the technologies and capabilities that will affect the manufacturing industry in 2018? How can we leverage key innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing to drive efficiencies? How can we reinvent and innovate to create better experiences for our customers? If these questions are on your mind, you’ll find answers at IBM Think 2018. It’s a unique new event that brings together 40,000 thinkers, educators and innovators in one place. Best of all, it’s in Las Vegas! Here are some of the reasons we think you’ll want to be there.

Hear first-hand how many of the world’s most visionary brands are deploying IoT

Joining us throughout the event will be many of our most important clients. These clients will inspire you by sharing their stories about how they are bringing IoT and AI solutions together to respond to business challenges in manufacturing. We look forward to these real-life stories helping you to reimagine your businesses with the promise of IoT and AI.

Hear our vision for the future

We believe in outcomes. In beginning with the end in mind. In strategic decision-making to support well-defined goals. We want to share this vision with you. Across the many large theater, breakout sessions, demos and networking opportunities, you will hear our vision for the future of manufacturing operations. We will help you to understand what’s coming next. By aligning this vision with practical applications, we’ll empower you to begin your IoT journey today.

For example, below are just some of the panel sessions, demos and learning opportunities we think you’ll enjoy. For the personal touch, you can also design your unique agenda with the help of Watson Session Expert.

Engage with our solutions first-hand through show floor activations and demos

The best way to understand the benefits technology can bring your business is to see that technology in action. Join us on the show floor to see many manufacturing use-case demos. We’ll demonstrate how our Visual Insights technology can accurately spot quality defects. How our Acoustic Insights help manufacturers hear potential equipment issues. And how our IoT Equipment Advisor solution uses condition monitoring and past maintenance history to offer prescriptive maintenance and repair guidance. See the technology live and inquire about how it can help address your unique challenges.

Engage with our technical and product leadership

During the event there will be countless opportunities to engage one-to-one with our technical and product leaders. In many cases these people have decades of experience helping manufacturers solve problems. With them, you can hear about our vision, understand our roadmaps, and go deep on product capabilities. Think will be an important opportunity for us to share our views, hear your reaction, and explore together how our rich set of manufacturing solutions can help address your unique challenges.

Discover our AI-powered solutions for manufacturers

IBM has built a robust portfolio of machine learning and AI-powered solutions that address many manufacturing plant operator’s concerns. You’ll find predictive analytics technology that can bring new power to your asset management solutions. We have AI-powered visual and acoustic technology that can spot quality defects. We even can apply our analytics to plant operations to help plant operators maximize throughput and better manage energy consumption. All of our solutions are geared around core drivers of operational efficiency: challenges like asset downtime, quality, and operational optimization.

At Think 2018 you will find a number of sessions on offer to help demonstrate the transforming power of AI for manufacturers. Discover our portfolio summary, and learn how clients like GM, Kone and others are bringing this technology to life through live deployments.

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