IoT weekly round-up: 22nd September, 2016

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Welcome to the weekly IoT news round-up. Here’s a quick look at what’s going on in the connected world.

Google launches Allo messenger

This week Google launched its new messaging app, Allo. The app, which supports group chats, stickers and even drawing onto photos, is available on Android and iOS and hopes to compete with Facebook’s duo of WhatsApp and Messenger. It features an AI-powered personal assistant (Google’s answer to Siri), which is able to set alarms, search emails and make activity suggestions using local data.

US government releases self-driving car policy

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published its Federal Autonomous Vehicles Policy to govern performance and development guidelines for self-driving cars in the US. The document also covers data recording, crash report and security requirements and is currently in a 60-day public consultation period.

Cracking the cancer code with Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft is undertaking a healthcare initiative using artificial intelligence to try to target and eliminate cancerous cells. One project within the enterprise aims to develop treatment plans for individual patients based on data assimilated and analysed by machine learning and natural language processing. IBM’s Watson for Oncology project similarly analyses a patient’s medical information against available data and expertise in order to recommend evidence-based treatment options.

Accessory for prosthetic limbs aids digital interaction

The clicks, swipes and drags required by computer usage can be extremely difficult for someone who has lost a hand.  A German design team has developed ‘Shortcut’ – a wristband-like device to translate signals from the muscles into common digital gestures, thereby removing the need for physically performing precise movements.

Timeular’s easy time tracker launches on Kickstarter

ZEI, Timeular’s new time tracking tool is a die-like, eight-sided box that sits next to you as you work. It’s essentially a Bluetooth-enabled egg-timer, but a lot prettier. Each side of the box can be assigned to a particular task or client, so that, depending on what you are working on, you just tip the box to sit on that label. Compatible apps retain your work history, track timings and show how you allocate your time between short, medium and long-term tasks. The ZEI is available for €69 for the first 1,000 or so, and €79 thereafter.

Physicists set the bar for quantum teleportation

Two teams this week managed to move information between two locations without physically sending anything from one to the other. The information was teleported across several kilometres of optical fibre, and is a big step towards quantum cryptography’s promised ultra-secure communications. Find out more.

Thingmonk 2016: people, IoT platforms and cheese

Thingmonk is a developer conference bringing together techologists and designers to discuss machine learning, industrial automation, machine learning and all things IoT. Watch the video to see some highlights from last week’s conference.

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