IoT weekly round-up: Thursday 2nd March 2017

By | 1 minute read | March 2, 2017

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This week in the connected world, the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, Nissan are testing their self-driving cars in London, and leaked videos give an unplanned preview into the design of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Nissan’s self-driving car is tested on London’s streets

Nissan is rolling out a testing programme for its self-driving test cars in London. The modified Nissan Leaf electric vehicles can travel at speeds up to 50 miles per hour and switch between small and large roads with several lanes. Nissan is working closely with police and TFL to ensure full public disclosure and that all outings are logged.

Cancer detection startup GRAIL secures $900 million funding

GRAIL, a cancer detection startup trying to work out a way of detecting cancer through blood testing technology, has secured $900 million in Series B funding. The startup spun out of genomics company Illumina and uses Illumina’s genome sequencing machines, data and clinical studies to try and find cancer in its early stages. GRAIL hopes to raise at least $1 billion and is working to seal the deal with Goldman Sachs.

Cobalt introduces indoor security bots

Cobalt Robotics has unveiled a line of robot security guards, which use an array of 60 sensors to sense people and potential risks in a building. The human-sized robo-guards were designed to aid human security guards but not to replace them, and include two-way video chat screens to enable remote interaction with human guards.

Line chat app develops AI assistant

Messaging app Line has launched its own artificial intelligence platform – with a voice-powered concierge service known as Clova as its heart. As Amazon and Google have done, the company has plans to release hardware with built-in Clova support, and to work with third parties which may include Sony and Tomy.

Galaxy S8 video leaked

Two videos and accompanying images showing units within Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone Samsung have been leaked, although Samsung is not scheduled to announce the S8 until the end of this month. The phone shares similarities with its predecessor, the S7, in the curved screen and headphone port, but looks to be using different buttons.