How Umpqua Bank is transforming real-estate with IBM TRIRIGA and IoT

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A TRIMAX Speaker Spotlight from Tony Baily, SVP Umpqua Bank

I’m Tony Bailey, Senior Vice President of Real Estate, Facilities, Design, Construction, TPO, Physical Security teams at Umpqua Bank, where I also serve as the Corporate Procurement Officer. In the past two years, I have developed the road map to help Umpqua Bank overcome the challenges posed by changes to the global lease accounting standards, and, put an ambitious IoT plan in place to help achieve the bank’s optimization and efficiency objectives. As a first time presenter at TRIMax, the combined TRIRIGA and Maximo User Group conference, I am excited to be able to meet with other companies that are at various stages in their path towards transforming both their facilities and their employee experiences using IBM TRIRIGA and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

Building a transformation road map with IWMS and IoT

As a leader at Umpqua I am focused on driving value from our physical assets, sharing and learning from others presents critical opportunities to grow our strategy. At Umpqua we developed a road map for transformation over the last two years. Initially, we focused on overcoming the challenges posed by changes to the global lease accounting standards – Umpqua manages leases for over 500 properties as part of our capital financing business. Although it was lease accounting that drove the immediate need for finding a solution, we very quickly realized that an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) would create value far beyond this initial requirement for our business.

We looked at multiple vendors, narrowed it down to four leaders, and ultimately partnered with IBM to help deploy the solution. We had already been using the solution to drive the analysis of our lease holdings in order to capitalize on the opportunities and mitigate the risks from these changes. As we continue to expand our business, we will also leverage this knowledge as we deploy the Capital Planning capabilities in TRIRIGA. The lease administration capabilities are helping to streamline our operations around construction, procurement. For example, we are working on deploying a new e-invoicing capability that will automate many of time-intensive processes that consumed a lot of valuable resource from our business.

Join me with a robust user group community at TRIMAX in November

At TRIMAX in November, I will be sharing more details about Umpqua Bank’s project road map and lessons learned. I will be speaking about how we are incorporating IoT technologies to support our “branch of the future” vision – discussing in depth our plans to develop a dynamic floorplan – complete with traffic sensors and asset management to optimize our model – in an effort to drive just-in-time maintenance to help control costs.

I hope you are considering attending TRIMAX this November – and look forward to meeting you there to continue sharing best practices about our facilities management strategy.

Learn more

Tony Bailey manages Umpqua Bank’s Real Estate, Facilities, Design, Construction, TPO, Physical Security teams and serves as the Corporate Procurement Officer. He brings a wealth of international experience in procurement, supply chain, organizational vendor risk management, along with construction project management as an officer in the USAF. Tony developed project cost accounting while integrating organizational procurement enhancements that provided scalable electronic invoicing interface with the general ledger system. Over the past two years, Tony has led his teams in achieving over $18MM in corporate savings.

You can learn more about Umpqua Bank’s transformation story at TRIMax 2017.  TRIMax is a combined TRIRIGA and Maximo user group conference that takes place just outside of Washington, DC. Please visit the conference website for details;

With deadlines looming for the transition to new lease accounting standards from FASB and IASB, organizations are devoting time, effort and budget to succeed in meeting new compliance requirements. Watch the webcast, Automating Compliance to Lease Accounting Changes with IBM IoT, to get an in-depth view into how Watson IoT, analytics and TRIRIGA can help.

SVP, Real Estate, Facilities, Physical Security, TPO and Strategic Procurement Officer, Umpqua Bank.

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