How TRIRIGA delivers insightful solutions for intelligent real estate and facilities management

When a building isn’t just a building: why space matters

By | 3 minute read | November 5, 2019

IBM TRIRIGA delivers insightful solutions for intelligent real estate and facilities management

Space matters. The “who, when and how” – and how much it costs – are at the heart of an organization’s real estate strategy. Yet the cost of real estate continues to rise. So it’s no wonder that 90% of firms rate space efficiency as a significant cost savings opportunity.

Space matters to the people who occupy it. As the workforce changes, so do the expectations. New to the workforce, digital natives often sit side side-by-side with older generations, each with their unique needs, and all with a desire for the same frictionless technology they have at home and in their personal lives. Regardless of these complexities, a shrinking labor pool means you need the “right” space if you want to compete for top talent.

And space definitely matters to today’s building operators, space planners and facilities managers. It’s their job to choose, implement and maintain the right configurations and answer questions like “Can I consolidate a floor with the lease expiring in 12 months?” or “Is this move request justified based on current usage?”

Answering space questions with data, IoT and AI

As buildings become more connected, the roadmap for best utilizing spaces lies in the data. But given the sheer volume generated by just one floor in one building, data alone doesn’t give you the full picture. Today’s building professionals – especially those who manage large, complex spaces around the world – need to use a smart application of data, IoT and AI.

With our leading Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), IBM TRIRIGA and TRIRIGA Building Insights together deliver insightful solutions for real estate and facilities management. By applying sensor data, along with other sources, you’ll have actionable insights to determine what your occupancy really is – and how well you’re using your space. You can decide if you’re providing the right kind of space and you can understand if you’re physically organizing employees in an optimal way.

Making the right decisions with an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution

So what is it that makes TRIRIGA an IWMS Leader? We believe it’s because we have solutions that can help you achieve up to 20% savings when you use your space efficiently. In additional to innovative space solutions, our trusted IWMS also helps you create better outcomes for other vital areas: occupant experience, capital projects, and lease administration and accounting.

From the front door to the loading dock, you’ll be able to make more informed and data-driven decisions. For example, TRIRIGA is just as powerful at helping to maximize capital projects and optimize lease administration and accounting. And no matter where you sit – in the building you’re managing or on the other side of the globe – TRIRIGA’s interface allows you to visualize the most critical metrics so your teams can make the right decisions at the right time. There’s tremendous value in being able to manage all these facets of facilities from a single solution. And there’s tremendous power in treating your buildings like the strategic assets they are, enabling you to reduce costs, right-size portfolios and deliver the right workplace experience to stay competitive.

Facilitating success for the Fortune 500

Consider how the IBM Global Real Estate team (IBM GRE) uses its space. Through the strategic use of data, TRIRIGA, and a constant focus on employee wellbeing, IBM GRE is committed to delivering the right mix of space, along with the best occupant experience in their 78M square feet of facilities.

As a Fortune 500 real estate team, IBM GRE operates 1300+ locations in 110 countries, working to support the diverse workplace needs of 350K employees. Michael Domintrovits, Global Real Estate, IoT Workplace Solutions, said, “Yes, it is an IBM product. But it also brings a best-in-class service to us and makes us more productive. That’s ultimately why we’re using it.”

As the IBM GRE team shared, it’s no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets; for today’s iconic brand, it’s about winning the hearts and minds of employees and clients who come into an IBM-operated building.

Helping 4 of the Fortune 5 make the most of their facilities

The world of facilities management and real estate is evolving at breakneck speed – which isn’t always an easy pace for a large enterprise to keep up with. We’re helping 4 of the Fortune 5 companies make the most of their facilities on the ground and in the cloud. And we want to help you do the same. Because space matters.

Learn how to make the most of your space, why TRIRIGA is an IWMS Leader and how you can enhance your real estate and facilities management efforts.