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Join us at the TRIRIGA Academy and learn how the IBM Global Real Estate team uses space and workplace experience to deliver breakthrough performance

By | 2 minute read | February 10, 2020

Learn how IBM manages 78M sq ft during the TRIRIGA Academy at IBM IoT Exchange

When you’re responsible for over 350,000 workers in 1,300 office locations in 110 countries, you work hard to accommodate their needs. You don’t want to simply provide employees with facilities, but with the right environment that meets diverse requirements and lets people do their best work. Recent studies show that comfortable workspaces evoke positive responses – greater engagement means better performance and productivity. That’s not only good for business, but far more satisfying for everyone: staff, customers and visitors.

Meet the team that does real estate right

I work for one of the world’s most iconic brands. But I’m also someone who comes into an office and needs a place a work – sometimes collaboratively and sometimes quietly with my head down. And I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the people in charge of my space – and every other IBM facility. The IBM Global Real Estate (GRE) team is an amazing organization that prides itself on adding bottom-line value by delivering space that meets the needs of its employees. As a result, they also deliver a competitive advantage to the business.

To deliver the right space, however, requires knowing what space you have. That’s why IBM GRE relies on consolidated data, technology and AI to understand and manage its enormous, diverse portfolio – 78 million square feet – that includes offices, labs, data and educational centers, and warehouses across the planet. It’s this consolidated view that gives the team quick access to mountains of data – a task that used to be manual and time-consuming but is now readily available. It’s the data they need to make the smarter decisions when it comes to right-sizing the portfolio.

Learn the secrets of real estate and facilities management success at the TRIRIGA Academy

Come to TRIRIGA Academy and learn how IBM TRIRIGA delivers insightful solutions for intelligent real estate and facilities managementWhile 90% of firms recognize space efficiency as a high or medium cost savings opportunity, GRE is successfully using its team and technology to find that value. If you’re interested in hearing their story, you’ll have the perfect opportunity at the TRIRIGA Academy at IoT Exchange.

We’re exceedingly fortunate to have Marianne Flores, director of IBM Global Real Estate Integrated Solutions, join us for the keynote address. She’s bringing a wealth of knowledge on how to manage a Fortune 500 portfolio in a way that carefully watches the bottom line while still achieving high employee satisfaction scores.

About the event: expert, comprehensive learning at IoT Exchange + technical training, too

TRIRIGA Academy is three days full of real-world, in-depth sessions, expert speakers, labs and training. In addition to Marianne, we’re also honored to have the United States Air Force as part of our keynote address, explaining how they manage 700 million square feet of space.

Other great sessions includes speakers from iconic names like Google, Smithsonian Institution, Chick-Fil-A, Southwest Airlines, EY and the State of Florida.

It’s all designed to help real estate and facilities management professionals optimize space, control costs and deliver a more engaging workplace experience. Because we understand that intelligence is your greatest asset.

I hope to see you in Florida!