Arrow’s Open Lab: a new framework for faster innovation

Tjene and Rigado partner to maximize TRIRIGA strategic planning

By | 2 minute read | March 3, 2020

At Arrow's Open Lab in Denver, CO

In an earlier post, I shared how Arrow is deploying the Open Lab to bring operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) together. The goal: to solve the biggest challenges for our end customers. It’s not easy; this lab approach requires more collaboration and more communication. But, we’re confident that by setting the framework and fostering relationships in the business partner ecosystem, we will realize the end-to end IoT vision.

In the February lab, our ultimate goal was to help customers in the Arrow value chain explore synergies in their network and develop powerful end-to-end solutions. We can already point to one early success: the new relationship between software consultant and reseller, Tjene, and hardware provider, Rigado.

A new partnership for smarter buildings

“Historically for our clients, it’s been about reducing building costs. But with a new focus on employee experience, it’s all about making the building work for us.” That seismic shift in thinking is what brought Tjene real estate consultant, Calvin Hariman, from his home base in Canada to Colorado.

Given that the cost of space is usually an organization’s second largest expense, it’s no wonder that the emphasis has been on cutting costs. Talent is another major expense, though. And as younger workers join the labor force, organizations often scramble to meet higher employee expectations. Yet adding the right mix of data, IoT and AI often requires outside experts.

That’s why Hariman and co-worker Matthew Varga joined Brad McMahon from Portland-based Rigado, at Arrow Electronics’ state-of-the-art Open Lab in Denver to share knowledge, test theories and develop new approaches to extracting the most value from today’s connected spaces.


Rigado brings sensor hardware to market under the umbrella of smart office infrastructure. This can include sensors and devices to measure room occupancy, desk presence, temperature and humidity and air quality. All of this data is designed to help drive decisions on scheduling, space optimization, climate control, building controls and lighting.

An opportunity for Tjene and Rigado to team up with TRIRIGA

The team from Tjene realized that sensors and sensor data could bring additional live information and data points to the solution. This enhancement would maximize the strategic planning piece within IBM TRIRIGA, an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution. Through the networking and exercises of the two-day Open Lab workshop, Tjene and Rigado quickly recognized an opportunity to partner.

“It’s important for us to come to our clients with answers rather than just possibilities,” said Hariman. “At the lab we came up with a game plan to work together. It helped answer a lot of customer questions we face that aren’t necessarily in our wheelhouse. It helps us know where to go.”